Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project Complete!

I thought of a project I wanted to do for Dallin and Allison's room back in January, and never really got down to finishing it. Finally, while Jeff was gone to Fathers and Sons with Dallin on Friday, I FINISHED IT! :) I loved how it turned out. I tried to take a few pictures in the process, but they didn't really turn out that well. I'll show you what I have though. :)

*First I bought a thick foam poster board and cut a few squares with an exacto knife.*

*Then I covered the squares with some scrapbook paper, cut out 11 inch letters for their names, and glued them onto the boards*

*Next, I tied some ribbon in a bow, and hot glued it to the back of the boards*

*Then finally, I had Allison stamp her feet on hers, and Dallin stamp his hand on his*

*I also took a black and white picture of them together, chalked the edges, and put it in the middle*

*The finished product*

I love how they turned out. It was a lot of fun to do, and I have their cute little foot and hand prints there forever. :) Also- They are SUPER light, so you can hang them up with that sticky foam tape, and if they happened to fall off the wall- no damage would be done! :) (We had to be careful with this wall because Dallin's bed is right underneath)

So- Total Cost:
Poster Board- $1.49
Paper- $1.20
Ribbon- $3.29, but had coupon for 50% off... so $1.65
Paint- I had
Picture- printed off computer
Total: $4.34, plus tax!
Super Cheap!! :)

Anyway- I finally can check this off my to-do list! :)


randilynn said...

that is a super cute project. i might have to borrow it. our wall are cinder block so we can't hang anything up in tay's room... :) way to be, you're awesome!!

Mikelle and Ben said...

That is a way cute idea! I love how it turned out! You're so talented and creative!

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