Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Reunion

Someday... I WILL be caught up...
And I will post CURRENT photos...
But for now...
Still catching up...

Back in July was the annual Corry Reunion.
I can't tell you how proud I am to be married into such a wonderful family!
I love them all so much!

We had a great time as usual up at the Corry Land.
I didn't take my usual 25,000 pictures... But I did take some... :)
We were in charge of dinner on Thursday night,
So we were all Matchy Matchy

(Monica's mom came from Canada! We loved having her with us!)

We decided to camp overnight for the SECOND time ever with kids (The first was when Dallin was a few months old and did NOT go well... and we tried other times but didn't make it through the night...).
So we went all out and got a new tent!
And it ROCKED!
We had three rooms- one for the kids, one for us, and a middle one for our food, a table, toys, etc. It was paradise! :)

We had some of the usual activities:
Horseshoe competition!

With the best commentator in history:

And the cool fan club:

And Testimony meeting was wonderful! I love hearing the heart and soul of the Corry family!
(I didn't get any pictures except for one of the logs that Steve carved that we use to sit on... That will have to do...)

We also had the annual work project. Everyone in the whole family gets together for two hours and all take on a job around the property. The kids color quilt blocks and bring water to the hard workers. Wood is cut. Weeds are sprayed. Fences are fixed. Family history is shared. And something is always being built. They always come up with something great to put on the property to make it more fun.
A couple years ago, it was the Picnic Tables/Stage:
(That we use for the Talent show:)

Last year it was the Swing Set:

And this year, it was two huge Teeter-Totters:


A fun thing about the work project too, is that you always get paid, by the hour, as much money as you are old (up to 25). So Dallin was paid a total of $8.00 with his first check ever!
He was really cute when we took it to the bank to get it cashed:

We had a WONDERFUL time at the reunion!
Can't wait until next year!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Party Time!

Well... Anyone that knows me knows that Parties are a huge part of my life! :) I LOVE going to them, enjoying them, and above all- Throwing them! I'm pretty much a party throwing fool. :) Just wanted to share two that I've had fun with the last couple months...
The Mother-Son Hoedown!

Even with a kid not officially in school yet, Dallin and I are still able to attend the annual Mother/Son event sponsored by the elementary school. Last year was a Carnival, and this year it was a hoedown! Somehow, I ended up doing all of the decorating, and some of the planning! I had a fun time with the cowboy theme! Here are some of the highlights...
We had a great spaghetti dinner at the "Wagon Wheel Diner"! There were amazingly yummy breadsticks too!

Cute utensils... and "Howdy" Straws! :)

You can't see them very well, but I found these awesome jugs in my basement! They are so fun and perfect for party drinks! (I've used them many times since too!)

Tables- they had fun crayons on them to keep the kidlets busy while they waited for food:

I drew Dallin and he drew me :)

A few other signs and places:
There weren't any events planned originally,
but what kind of boys don't want some games and competition??
So I threw a few things together last minute-
Steer roping:

Horse shoe throwing:

"Pony" Racing:

And there was also a photographer taking "Mug-Shots", and some line dancing after dinner.

And after all the planning and decorating,
I was glad just to go and have fun with my little buddy!
We had a great date!!


And for the Second event:
And Eclipse Premier Party!

My awesome friend Marci and I never have enough time to hang out! I swear! I love her bunches and always invite her up here for shindigs, and vise-versa... but we just don't get to play as much as we'd like to! I was talking to her one night and she mentioned how she never gets to come to any of my parties... So I told her that I'd throw her one sometime...
And so the Eclipse Party idea was born!
I told her that when the movie came out, I'd come down and plan everything!
I ran with the idea and we ended up having a huge bash while we waited in line too see the movie! We were told we couldn't have any food inside the theater, so we parked ourselves RIGHT outside the door. :)

We had "blood" to drink:
(Rootbeer with Labels I made)

We also had a big tray of Jimmy Johns mini sandwiches with Edward or Jacob heads on them... You had to represent your team... :) For some reason I didn't take a picture of those... :( Kind of bummed...

(Eh hem... don't mind the necklace...)

And T-shirts for everyone I found for $1.00!

I also had a quiz, fun facts, and a "yearbook". The Movie Poster Prize went to the person who could name the most people (real names and character names).

Our friends behind us kind of got in on the action too! (Hi Kellie S.!) They went and bought some awesome cupcakes that all looked so good!! The top one is the "Jacob Cupcake", the white one with "blood" is the "Bella Cupcake", and the other one is the Alice cupcake. (They said the Edward one looked nasty- haha)

We had SOOO much fun! It was a MUCH needed girls night! And it was fun to hang out with great friends, My Mamasita, and my Shisher!
AND I must thank my husband who took BOTH kids overnight- (It was HIS idea!). I love you Honey!

I have some more parties in the works!! :) Stay tuned!