Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well- I've had a few people comment that I need to update my blog. I finally ordered another camera cord off Ebay since I lost mine... Then I'll be able to get some NEW pictures up! :) But for now- here's an August update, since I didn't do too well when it actually WAS August...

I've been making a lot of Jam with my mom and my friend Chantelle. I got a lot of strawberry and peach made, and also a batch of blackberry-raspberry! :) Mmmm... It made me feel so domesticated to be able to make Jam! :) And it's so super easy! Dallin tried to help to... But I think he just ended up eating all the fruit in his bowl.

Also this month, we had the Kane County Fair. It was a lot of fun. I entered some pictures I took last minute, and ended up getting a few blue ribbons. :) I also helped with the Miss Kane County Fair pageant (helped with the girls, and also performed), and I performed at the Talent Show. Since I won last year, I couldn't compete... So I was part of the entertainment while the judges tallied their votes. It was fun! There was also the carnival part that goes on during the animal auctions, and dutch oven contest... There were a bunch of games for Dallin to play, and he got a "Nemo" painted on his cheek.

Saturday night was the Jr. Rodeo. There were kids 3 years old riding their horses around the barrels! I loved it! There were also some pretty little kids volunteering to get bucked off the bulls. Dallin was able to do the Chicken chase though. He loved it... He just wasn't fast enough to catch one.

And here's just a cute picture of Dallin in the Tub... :)

For an update on the baby- I took a "14" week picture last week (I'm 15 weeks in two days), but of course- I can't get it off my camera... So just so everyone knows- our baby is the size of a lemon now... :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

12 weeks...

Well- I'm almost 13 weeks along! :) I heard the baby's heartbeat last week, and I'm getting more and more excited to find out if I'm having a girl or boy! Hearing the heartbeat really made it real for me.

I guess... with Dallin- I knew I was pregnant the night it happened. :) But with this baby, I'd been having a lot of "regularity" problems. We had been trying for a while, just to be disappointed... and then, just all of a sudden- I was pregnant! Had no clue! So it's been kind of weird for me this pregnancy just because it still didn't really seem real. So I was really glad to hear that cute little heartbeat. :)

This is me at 12 weeks, but this picture really doesn't show the true "baby bump" that I have already (but it's the only picture I have of me this month that you can see my belly). Today even, Jeff said that I all of a sudden popped. :) I feel like it's way too early to be showing, but I really am. I cant button any of my pants. Anyway- thought I'd post a picture that I did have, and later this week or early next, I'll take a picture of my belly again- just so you can see how much I popped in these last few days.

Also- For anybody that cares, here's the baby's heartbeat! :) I recorded it since Jeff couldn't be there. It's so cute. :)