Friday, February 25, 2011


Wow... Has it really been 4 months since I last posted?
That really got out of hand!
I really don't have a great excuse-
just the normal one of being too busy, then getting so far behind you feel overwhelmed to catch up.

I told my SIL and my future SIL that I owed them both a $1.00 if I didn't blog this week...
First thing first-
I better finish up my run about my "No Spend Month"!

Honestly- I was quite overwhelmed by complete strangers who happened to come on my blog and comment about my "No Spend Month"! It was fun to learn of other who had tried it, or others who were wanting to. Thank you to all of you who left comments. I hope you had success as well! It was such a WONDERFUL experience and I'm planning on doing it again soon. I would recommend it to ANYONE! It really made me realize how much I spend that I don't need to.
Am I still doing that well?? Not really. December and January are always really hard months for us because of our payment situations. BUT I have adjusted a lot of things. One being our food budget. I spend SO much less that I used to. And I made a lot of freezer meals as well. That has saved us a ton.

AND to all of you wondering what the final numbers ended up being???

We barely squeaked by with $1.24 left! Whew!
That's all of our:
other needed items
And Entertainment!

I tried to have $125 for food, and $125 for gas. But I ended up needed just a little more for food. Luckily that extra $6.00 wasn't needed in the gas tank.

Overall- it worked out REALLY well. We'll see if we can do it again soon! Maybe we'll do even better! :)

Since a post isn't as fun without a picture, here's a picture of Jeff and the kids on 10/10/10 (trying to hold out their hands to make all the 10's)

(and that's water on Allison's pants- not anything else...) :)