Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas...

Our Christmas was so great. We truly are so blessed (and spoiled). We basically had a whole week of festivities... our poor little guy has no idea that Christmas is just one day. :) This month has been really hard trying to tell him that he had to keep waiting to open presents... but he did it (almost. :) Everyday, he'd wake up asking "Is it Christmas yet?". Then after I said no, he'd walk around the whole rest of the day saying "It's almost Christmas!" Here's our eventful week.

Monday before Christmas-
We had a great day full of LOTS of snow, and later that night had two of my piano students over to my house for a little recital with their mom and dad. We all had a really fun time and the kids did great! :) (The little girl switched her song on me and had me play the duet with her, without ever practicing before... sheesh! :) It's so great to see how much kids can learn.

To all those who don't know- We celebrate Christmas Adam around here. (The day before Christmas Eve... Adam came before Eve... Get it?) Since we do so much traveling, Santa thankfully obliged to come one night early just for us so we can have a morning home with our presents. That day, we went over to our great friends' house- the Blodgetts... and had a little Christmas party with them. Dallin had a great time out in all of the snow... don't mind the pink outfit... he borrowed from a house full of girls... :)

Then we went home, had dinner, acted out the Christmas story with Dallin and his stuffed Nativity set... Set out a cupcake on the plate I made for us this year and a letter to Santa... and sent Dallin of to bed...

Oh... and note to self...
DO NOT wait to open boxes of presents that need to be put together until that night... You'll find that the pieces have multiplied themselves and turned into 2,000 tiny little pieces that take forever to screw together... :) Santa and Mrs. Claus were up until VERY late!!

Chrismas Eve-
We woke up and found that Santa had came! But Dallin was still sleeping... so we waited... and waited... and waited... and finally at 10:30- we decided that we would wake him up! He wasn't very happy with us, and he took a minute to get fully woken up (as you can see in this video). I felt so bad though. I think he thought that Santa was going to BE there when he woke up. :( The rest of the day he kept telling everybody that he "ate his cupcake all gone" but that "Santa was lost! He was not there!" I guess I should have explained that one a little better... Here's some pictures of some of his presents.... Once he really woke up, he really loved them!

After opening presents, we packed up the car and headed to Cedar. Jeff's extended family always has a big Christmas dinner and program on Christmas eve, and this year it was at Jeff's mom's house. She did a great job and the dinner was wonderful!! :) There weren't a ton a little kids there this year, so our nativity was quite scarce. Dallin was a cute little wise man though. (There was only one this year :) He was really excited to give baby Jesus his gifts. Unfortunately, Jeff had the camera and was way in the back, so we didn't get too many pictures. I thought he was cute though. :)
Every Christmas Eve, Jeff's dad reads this story called "Why the Bells Chimed". His mom read it to him when he was little. It's a great little story and a fun tradition to have every Christmas. I stayed up kind of late again that night finishing a few presents that I was so good to procrastinate on... Someday I'll learn...

Christmas Day-
We woke up and had another morning full of presents. It was really fun. Dallin opened up one of his bigger presents- a Little Einsteins Rocket with all of the people (For those who don't know- it's from a show on Playhouse Disney). He LOVES this show. Jeff and I were really excited to give it to him.

We also were able to talk to Jeff's brother Danny for a little while on the phone (He's in Germany on an LDS mission) It was really fun to talk to him!
At about 2:00- we headed down to St. George to My great grandma's house and had a wonderful time over there. We got a lot of gift certificates for some fun dates (We LOVE that!)

Finally- at 8:00 we got to my mom's house and had MORE Christmas. :) But for some reason I didn't take any pictures... I loved the outfit and slippers I got from my mom though... So comfy!

Friday- Day after Christmas-
I went out to lunch with my sister Kellie and my friend Marci and her little boy Kaylin. Pasta Factory! :) I seriously am so in love with their breadsticks and alfredo... there's no other place like it! I wish I had a Pasta Factory in my house! Or at least a lifetime suply of their alfredo... We did a little shopping and I finally bought an outfit for our little girl. Dallin picked out one too, which I thought was really cute. We played Scene it with my family for a little while and then that night, Jeff and Dallin unfortuneately found themselves a little under the weather. Not fun at all!

Jeff and Dallin felt a little better, but not quite themselves still. We headed over to Kellie and Garrett's house and made a Christmas Dinner for my Dad and his wife Dana. They flew in that afternoon (my dad has his piolet's license) and we had a fun little afternoon with them. I might add- just to make my brother mad... that my dad WASTED him in Madden.

On our way out of town, we drove past the Temple to show Dallin the lights. So beautiful!

MY LAST DAY IN NURSERY! :) Oh happy day! I can finally go to Relief Society again!

And Monday-
A Beautiful day!! Jeff and our friend Bruce took Dallin and his oldest daughter Eva sledding. Jeff didn't even wear a jacket most of the time because it was so nice outside. The kids had a blast... and the guys almost died a few times... :) Luckily I wasn't there the whole time to witness the crazy stuff...

Ok... Well... So that was a REALLY REALLY long post... but this really is like my journal so I needed to do it. We really had a great week, and this week has been just as fun... (But more relaxing thank goodness!) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

30 weeks!

We're at week 30 this week! Sheesh... Two months still seems like so far away! And I already feel like I'm going to pop... Here's my baby belly (plus a few extra pounds from Christmas delights... :) I sure have grown a lot these last couple weeks!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is a pretty random post, but I had to share... :) Jeff and I got home from St. George this weekend, and were trying to unpack and hurry and get ready for church. Dallin in the mean time had somehow found a dollar bill. He came running into our room and said
"Mama! Daddy! That's Geowge Washington!!"
I have no idea where he learned this! Smarty Pants... it sure was cute!
Our kid... The Future History Professor! :)

P.S. Jeff gave me an early Christmas present last night. He was really sweet. I've been sort of down lately... Just normal pregnancy blues I think. So he made me a little video... Check out his blog to see it... Thanks my Honey... :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Quick Question for everyone...
What do you get somebody in your family that has plenty of money to go around, seems like they have everything, and is kind of picky? Any suggestions?! I need some quick since I'm going shopping this weekend... Help me!

December Catch up...

I can't believe it! I remember when I was little, my great-grandma always said that time kept getting faster and faster... and it's not until I got married and had Dallin that I now believe her! Where does the time go? I still have so much to do... so much I WANT to do... and just haven't done a lot of it. I still have a few more days... Maybe I can make it!
I thought I'd do a quick recap of a few things that's happened this month... since it's almost half-way done!
Tree Lighting- At the first of the month, are town always has this tradition of having a "tree lighting ceremony". The biggest tree on the main high-way- the one at the church- get's all decorated, and after everyone gather to sing Christmas songs and listen to a short program, the lights turn on and everyone goes next door for some soup and the chance to see Santa.

This year was the first year Dallin was a little apprehensive of sitting on Santa's lap. Santa this year happened to be one of the Drama kids from the highschool... So after checking out the situation for a minute, Dallin said, "That's not Santa. That's Tyler." Guess we'll have to find the REAL Santa somewhere... Dallin was just happy with his treat he got afterwards.

Birthday- The next day was my mom's birthday, so as a surprise I drove down with Dallin and met up with Kellie and Garrett (Scott was taking a test at school he couldn't get out of). Darrell took her out to Red Lobster for her birthday, so we all snuck up on her over there and totally surprised her! It was a fun afternoon. And Dallin got to touch a lobster! He loved it!

Gingerbread Houses- Chantelle and I thought that we'd try to make a real gingerbread house from scratch for the first time! It turned out really fun... for us... haha. The kids were all into unwrapping the candy for a little while- but then tired out from it quite quick. So it turned out just us decorating and we had so much fun with it. We were little kids again. Chantelle made a "Chocolate Factory", and I made a little cottage. The guys were wondering why there was no flat screen T.V. inside... :)

Dallin "Ism's"- Dallin really just cracks us up everyday with the things he says. One of our friends Valerie has a running commentary on the side of her blog with funny things her son says everyday. I really need to do that. Today, he got snow inside his shoes, and since his socks were wet, he said "I think I peed in my socks". Also today, he was talking to Jeff on the phone, and Jeff didn't understand something he said, so he said "No. Listen to me Daddy." And he said the sentence again. It makes me sad that he's growing up so fast... :) He changes so much everyday and I just laugh at the sentences he comes up with sometimes. I'll have to be better at writing them down. I wish I could record every day on video. I just got a picture of this the other day- Whenever I ask him to put his shoes by the door, he always puts them perfectly in the same way every time:

Anyway... Thought I'd share a few things of the last couple weeks. We've had a really great December... with much more to come this next week of course!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Happy Mama...

Oh what wonders and relaxation can happen when a child is bed, the room is lit by Christmas tree lights, and I have a bowl of my favorite cereal and a book in hand... :)
Gotta live it up... :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok Ok Marci...

Well this post is just for Marci. She's been wanting me to get some new "Belly Shots" up on here for quite a while... But I didn't have a charged battery for ever, and then every shot I've taken of me this last week hasn't been too hott... But oh well. Here's a few for you... you bum... Now you can see how big I've gotten :)
Here's me at almost 26 weeks:
Almost 6 months!!!
(One is with Dallin and his "belly shot" too) :)