Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Capturing Little Moments

Today's blog is called, "Capturing Little Moments". I wanted to show a few moments over the last few days that have made me really smile. There are so many little things that happen in everyday life that so many people don't get to see besides for you... So, I thought I'd share a few my my "smiles" with you! :)

We have to have the best neighbors (and landlords) ever. Norman and Barbara are in their 70's, and have taken it on themselves to become adopted grandparents to Dallin. Norman is one of those homegrown, hardcore cowboys, that loves his ranch, trucks, and cowboy hats. And especially his garden. He also loves to have Dallin help him. Yesterday, we went over to visit, and Norman started watering his flower bed. And of course, Dallin knew that it was his time to help. He decided to take over for Norman and show him he could do it himself! I think he ended up watering the cement more than the flowers... We also have been trying to teach him how to smell the flowers. He knows that you go up to them and put your nose to them. But yesterday, every time we tried to show him to smell, he would blow OUT the air from his mouth instead... haha...

When my brother, Scott, came a few days ago, we decided to turn this box into a fun project. I think Scott and I had as much fun making it as Dallin did playing in it. It was complete with window planter and Styrofoam flowers, flag, and curtains! :) We also had a sample of carpet, so we put it in the bottom for the floor. We had a good time. Dallin LOVED it. He spent almost an hour going in and out of the door and peek-a-booing to us through the window. We haven't had the heart to throw it out yet, so it's downstairs by the dryer, and Dallin stays occupied while I do laundry. It's perfect.

I also wanted to include this picture in today's blog. We went to our friends' daughter's birthday party this weekend and had a lot of fun. She got a Castle slide that I think Dallin enjoyed more than she did... haha. I happened to take this picture of Dallin real fast before the prayer, and when I looked at it later, I couldn't believe how big he looked! He looks like a little man here! I really made me realize how fast time goes. I'm so grateful for cameras and video so that we can remember little moments like these.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Well, one more thing today. I love Dallin so much. I never understood how much my mom loved me until I had a child of my own. But... My one true love of my life is my husband Jeff. I just wanted to thank him (even though he probably won't see this for a while) for everything he does for me and Dallin. I don't know why I was so lucky to have him for a husband. The Lord must have thought I did something right to deserve him (and I'm SOOO glad). He knows exactly how to treat me, how to help me, and how to love me. And for this, I will be forever thankful.... I love you honey. And to all those who are reading this who are NOT my hubby... sorry you had to endure the "cheesy-ness". :)

Memorial Day Weekend

Every Memorial Day, my family travels to Salina, UT, to my Great-Aunt Norma's house for a big family reunion. This year wasn't as big as usual, but there still was a great turn out. As long as I can remember, there have been little kids running around all over. But this year, Dallin was the only one! That's ok though... I got to show him off a lot. :)


I kept trying to get Dallin to smile on this cute mini-size bench, but my camera would take too long to catch it. So this is what I got instead. :)

"Tell me all about it Papa Bill!" He climbed up on the chair and wanted to sit and talk with all the grown-ups. But of course, grandpa's stories are always the best.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, I thought I would try to put on a few pictures. Hopefully these turn out ok since it's my first time to try this. These are a pictures from a few weeks ago. We decided to take Dallin for his first time to the water fountains at the city park in Kanab. The are several fountains all around that take turns squirting in the air. He didn't quite know what to think at first, but after a few minutes he was running around and squealing just like the big kids. He sure got drenched after trying to "catch" the water.

I went with him to show him the water first.

"Well, Maybe this could be fun..."

"WOW! Where did it go?! AGAIN!"

Saturday, June 9, 2007

You have to start somewhere!

Hello everyone! Thanks to my friend Jessica Feth, I was inspired to create a blog! This way, our family and friends can stay more updated on our life here in Orderville, and see how much cuter Dallin is getting everyday! :) I'll get some pictures on here soon. This will be fun!