Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks My Honey!

I married a wonderful man. He's always so good to talk to about anything. I love that we have such a good relationship that way! Yesterday, we were talking, and I think he could just tell I was tired. So he offered to make dinner for me. I was really happy of course! I offered to run to the store to get milk at least since he was busy mustering up something to eat. When I got home, I walked in to a beautiful table- set with our nice china and crystal, and a candle! Then he topped it off by making a WONDERFUL steak dinner for us. It was so beautiful! Especially since he even did the dishes afterwards too! :) It was the perfect offer of love to me! I love you so much honey! Thank you for a wonderful last minute surprise!


Lately I've been feeling like kind of a failure as a mother. I've had so little energy the last few weeks, that sometimes- it's all I can do to keep up with meals, laundry, dishes... etc. Finding the energy to come up with something creative for Dallin and I to do definitely doesn't make the cut some days. And sadly, I feel like it's one of the most important things for me to do. I know that this isn't super creative, and we've played with play dough many times before... but I've never MADE play dough before! I know... Some of you moms are looking at me with disgust- haha. But I finally decided to make some of it up and make a bunch of different colors. It was fun to have Dallin watch as the colors changed, and actually feel like I made something with him.

I was talking to my friend Lacey and she wanted me to post the recipe. I'm sure there's lots out there, but this is just the one I have- so here it is Lace:
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 Tbsp. Cream of Tartar
4 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil
2 cups water
Food Coloring

Spray non-stick coating in pan to make cleaning easier. Mix dry ingredients in a large pan. Add liquid ingredients. Stir over medium heat until dough pulls away from pan. Color may be added with the water or kneaded in after cooking.

I also have a question for everyone. What are some fun creative projects you've done with your kids? I need some easy ones that I can do with Dallin these last couple days I have before the baby is born, and also some for after she's born. I just want to be able to have some quality time with him. Please let me know your ideas!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lots of Updates!!

Well- I got a little behind. So there are lots of new posts... Scroll down! :)


So 3 1/2 weeks left!!
I've officially made it further than I did with Dallin (He was four weeks early).
So anytime is good now... right? :)

(I know that the longer that they are inside- the better... Don't worry- I'm not trying to induce myself or anything... But I'm SOOO ready to have her out! :)

Happy Valentines!!

We've had such a great weekend! A great weekend home with the Husband and kiddo! :)
First- on Friday- I went down to Jeff's class and hung out with him during lunch and during his class party. The kids are so funny on Valentines day. I love it. I made some sweet rolls for the principal and her secretaries (and also for the ladies I visit teach) This is the recipe I made and they turned out really yummy. I also forgot to take a picture of them before they were all wrapped up- but I made them into little hearts. Instead of rolling them all one way, you roll the two sides into each other and pinch the bottom! Way fun! Dallin also made some little Valentines with me to give to some friends.

The rest of Friday was relaxing and nice. Dallin fell asleep during dinner and slept the rest of the night, so Jeff and I stayed up late and watched two movies together- "Next" and "The Illusionst". "Next"= really cool idea- but the chemistry between Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel just seemed weird to me... and "The Illusionist"= Jeff and I loved it! Especially the ending!

Saturday- Valentines Day! Jeff made me breakfast in the morning and just did little things all morning to help me out. It was sweet. I don't think he realized how much it meant to me. :) He also got me flowers a few days before... On a day that I really needed it! I'm not really someone that needs flowers all the time... But sometimes- it's just so nice!

After Lunch, we decided to just go on a random drive. We didn't know where we'd end up, but the road ended up taking us to Bryce Canyon area. It was such a beautiful day! And it was so much fun to just be together as a family.

This was a little song we caught him singing to himself to pass time as we were driving:
On the way back... Dallin must have too many treats and too many twists and turns, because he ended up throwing up EVERYTHING all over himself, his car seat and the entire seat next to him. We didn't have hardly anything in the car to clean him up, so we tried to keep going for a few minutes to see if the gas station up ahead was open... it was not... But during those few minutes... Dallin thought he'd help himself to some licorice bites he had had in his hand. Jeff and I were laughing so hard. It was so gross! I even took a picture of it, but decided to spare everyone of the nasty puke in the picture. :) We finally just pulled over and did what we could to clean him up. We stripped him down to his diaper and wrapped him up in a blanket in his carseat.... And he was perfectly happy the rest of the way home... :)

We usually go out for dinner on Valentines Day, but this year decided to stay in and have a family party. I was so proud of myself for the pizza I made:
I cut all the toppings into hearts! :) We had little heart Champagne glasses (filled with milk) and watched "Charlie Brown's Valentine" movie together. Then Jeff and I also "Sweet Home Alabama" (Yes- I know we watched a ton of movies this weekend! :) Dallin and I got Jeff a movie and a little card.

Jeff- I love you so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful man. I'm glad you're mine and that I'm yours! Forever! Love you!!

Sweethearts Ball...

We had a great date night last weekend! The stake always hosts a "Sweethearts Ball" for all of the married couples in the area. We always have such a fun time (We've gone the last four years). That morning I had been having some pressure from the baby... and didn't feel the greatest when we got there... But it's amazing what a little swing dancing will do! :) Don't worry- we weren't our crazy selves- doing throws and flips and things... But we did do quite a bit of swingin' and twirlin'. :) Just enough to have a fun time. My friend Ann ended up snapping a few pictures and a short little video.

(Sorry- it's pretty dark):
I'm the activities woman for our ward, so I was in charge of decorating the tables. I didn't get a very good picture of what was all on there, but we had sort of a "Paris" theme with Paris postcards on the table and and Eiffel tower with a couple dancing on the backdrop. It turned out really cute.

Also- Every year, each ward comes up with some kind of entertainment- whether it's a dance, or a song or something. We (Me, Ann, Emily, and Summer) sang "Mr. Sandman" to represent our ward and it ended up pretty good. We started practicing just a week before, and it was pretty hard harmony. We also had Emily's husband Robert, and Summer's husband Vern Brady (Snow Canyon people- he went to our school) play the bass and the guitar while we were singing. So it was a lot to through together with the time we had. I thought we did pretty well! :)
It was an awesome night. :)

Getting Ready Still...

The other night we finally decided it was time to get the crib up for our baby girl, and rearrange the furniture to fit everything in the kids' room. Jeff started getting the crib set up, and Dallin wanted to be right in the action. He quickly got out his "Handy Manny" tool set and started screwing in all the screws for Daddy. He was really cute about it, and was so serious about getting the work done. He kept saying "Come on tools- we have a job to do!" (Like Handy Manny (on Playhouse Disney) says). He definitely is a dependable, helpful little guy. :) I think he's going to be an awesome older brother!

Night With Emma...

A couple of weeks ago, the neighboring town (Glendale) asked me to help them with their Relief Society night. They planned "A Night with Emma Smith" and asked me to be Emma. I was a little intimidated to say the least! :) They asked me to dress up like her, act like her throughout the night during dinner, and then give a little presentation as her. I was so nervous. It's one thing to be on stage as a character and have your lines written out for you, and somebody else to act off of... But it's another when you have to write them out yourself on such an amazing woman, and then be by yourself up on "stage" for over a half an hour, pouring your soul out to other women. I planned for weeks in advance, and still- a few hours before was making changes to the things I wanted to say.
Jeff got home from school that day and I was so nervous (I was sick to top it off and woke up that morning with no voice)... When I saw him walk in I sort of just started crying. At that point, I had no confidence that I was going to be able to pull this off like I wanted to.
Then, Dallin noticed that I was sad, and came up to where I was sitting and asked if I wanted a blessing... :) He got the oil and wanted to put his hands on my head. It was so touching to see this little boy... only two... know what to do. He was so sweet. Jeff and I didn't know what to do... We didn't want to discourage him, and we wanted to let him know that he WAS doing the right thing... but we just didn't know what was ok. Jeff told Dallin that he was going to give me a priesthood blessing and Dallin sat so still the entire time. Afterward, he also asked Jeff if he could get a blessing too. I was so amazed and proud at the faith of my son. :) My little two year old was teaching his mommy how to trust the Lord. :) His little heart helped me set the tone for the rest of the evening...

The night ended up going so well. There were times while I was talking that I sort of felt like Emma was there... showing me what to say. I felt the spirit so much, and hope that the other women did as well. There was one thing that I had wanted to point out though, and didn't ever say... So I wanted to say it on here:
There are so many things said about Emma sometimes- like the fact that she didn't come with the saints to Utah. I didn't really want to go much into these issues, so I took on my character as her a few months after Joseph had been martyred (She was pregnant with their last child together at the time he was killed). But there was one thing that really struck me that I don't think people realize when they say things about her and judge her... Since Emma stayed, her family did as well. They worked the land there, and kept up with many of the buildings that her husband and the church held sacred. If she wouldn't have stayed, those buildings that we now visit on "church tours" wouldn't have most likey been destroyed. By staying, she and her family held on to and preserved a lot of church history for us to now see. I thought that was really interesting to think about...
I learned so much about Emma Smith by doing this and I was so glad the other ward asked me to do it. I have such a stronger testimony of her, her husband- the Prophet- Joseph Smith, and the early saints of the church.
(Some pictures of me during the night)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Class of '04

Hey Everyone...
If you were in the Class of '04 at Snow Canyon, the blog has been updated! :) (Yay Morgan). Let us know if that works for you. Hopefully this is far enough in advance that plans can be made around the reunion. I'm getting excited to see everyone!

P.S. There is now a poll on the side of the blog. Please go vote for what you would want at the reunion!!! :)