Sunday, February 15, 2009


So 3 1/2 weeks left!!
I've officially made it further than I did with Dallin (He was four weeks early).
So anytime is good now... right? :)

(I know that the longer that they are inside- the better... Don't worry- I'm not trying to induce myself or anything... But I'm SOOO ready to have her out! :)


Kirsten said...

You look terrific for being 8 months pregnant! Good luck getting her out! Can't wait to see pictures of her-I'm sure she'll be beautiful like her momma! :)

Marci ann said...

im with you jenna i want her to come so excited to hold her..i cant wait!!!! i better be on speed dial! you look so cute still though.

Kevin and Aapree said...

You look great! Good luck with the upcoming delivery! Keep posting. I love reading what you're up to! :)

Mallory Jo Searle said...


Looking good! I can't wait to meet Henna the 2nd. Hope everything goes well! Please keep me posted :) Love you lots, Mal

(ps- I'm leaving my comment)