Monday, July 27, 2009

Holy July!

Where did this month go?
I'm seriously a slacker!
July is always the biggest month of the year it seems.
The longest we were ever home in a row all month was probably 5 days!
Yes... We're crazy.
Thanks for asking...
Well... This is July in a nutshell I guess...
In chronological order...
(Warning- this will be VERY VERY LONG! :)
Please bear with me...
I'm going to do it in one LONG post because I'll have too
many posts that will spill over to the next page...
I hate that. :)

4 Months!
Our baby girl is 4 months (Almost 5 now!) I can't believe it. She's growing too fast! This month it seems like she has changed to much. Her four month stats:
12.8 lbs- 25 %
23.5 inches long- 25 %
Weight for Height- 50%

Allison is doing so good. She's such a happy girl! Constantly smiling and laughing. She does this cute little thing with her nose when she smiles big- it squishes up. I love it! She's finally rolling over... but once she gets there she's not too happy... until she realizes that she can roll back. :) She's starting to roll in circles all over the floor. The other day while I was teaching piano, I had her on the floor next to me. I all of a sudden realized she got really quiet, so I looked down to find that she had rolled over to a thing of lipstick and had started eating it... (picture below) oh boy... and now it begins! :) She loves to blow bubbles and jabber all the time. Dallin will talk to her all the time and she'll "talk" back. She loves to grab his cheeks and give him some kisses, and play with his hair. They are such good friends! Allison also loves her toes and to play the piano. Her favorite toy are some plastic rings... but we've found out that any toy you give her, she'll start to scream at it! haha. She's crazy! :) She also wants to eat big people food so bad!! I love her squishy cheeks and bum, and I love having her bubbly personality around!

Planting Season
Our landlords are so great and let us have free reign over as much garden area as we want. So far, we haven't been very brave (probably because we're gone so much in the summer), but we added a veggie this year. We have six rows of corn (two different batches) and a couple of tomato plants this time. Although we ALWAYS end up with much more, since our great neighbor Norman always puts some produce from his side on our doorstep about every other day. :) We'll be enjoying yummy veggies here soon! Here's a few pictures of part of our garden at the beginning of the month (with Jeff and one of his helpers):

Swim Time!
We tried again with the swim lessons this year. I don't think it went as well as last time. :( I don't know why Dallin is so afraid of the water. He LOVES the bath, or any other place with water where he can touch. But if he can't, he's petrified! Oh well. He did make progress at least. And we had a fun time together. This was the last day of lessons where they got to play with the floaties. The first is with his "teacher" (who is also his Nursery teacher and the first grade teacher in Orderville), Sister Leigh. She's so awesome with Dallin and he just loves her!

4th of July
The 4th of July is tied with Christmas for my favorite Holiday :). I just LOVE it! I love the colors, the smell of fireworks, the awesome BBQ and picnic food, and especially the patriotism. Just wonderful! I always get choked up when I see veterans, or current soldiers that are serving our country and their families. We wouldn't have anything we have today if it wasn't for them and their sacrifice. I love our country.
We had a great day! We were in Cedar that weekend, so in the morning, we walked from Jeff's parents' house to the parade. I've been a good coach for Dallin in the art of begging for prizes and candy at the parade. :) It was a really long parade and lots of fun!

Dallin practicing his skills... and the result! :

My Cutie Pa-tooties:

Then the family went up the mountain for a picnic at Cedar Breaks. We had a really fun relaxing time up there and Dallin played some Frisbee with Grandpa and Laura.

We unfortunately didn't go watch the fireworks this year because the kids were in bed, and I was trying to get things ready to go for the next day for Heidi's blessing...

Heidi's Blessing
Jeff's brother Nate and his wife Monica had a baby girl named Heidi Marie on June 15th. She was born with the most beautiful head of dark hair! And she still has most of it! She's such a cutie. And they are great parents! We woke up at 4:30 on the 5th, and headed up to Orem for her baby blessing. She wore Allison's dress, and I made her a little headband and bracelet. Nate gave a beautiful blessing to Heidi! I was so glad we were able to be there! We had a great time at their house afterwards with the family, and Monica's Mom, sister and her sister's fiance. Monica is from Canada, so she doesn't get to see her family too much- so it was really fun to see them and talk to them too!

Baby Connor
My sister finally popped this month! :) Baby Connor Jaxon Thayer was born on July 9th at 1:30ish a.m... (Almost 7.8.09) :) My poor sister has had contractions for the last two 1/2 months and kept having false alarms and lots of hospital visits to keep her from going into labor. Finally, on the 8th, at like 3:30 a.m., her water broke and she was roarin' to go! :) Unfortunately, she went ALL day long and only dilated to a 2! After hours and hours of Pitosin up as far as it could go... the doctor decided that something was wrong and he was going to take the baby C-section. It was such a blessing that he finally did, because he came into the world at a whoppin' 9lbs 4oz, and 20 inches long! He was trying to come and couldn't get through little Kellie! He even had little bruises on his head where he was pushing up against her and couldn't come! Poor little guy! I have no idea how he fit in her! :) But he's such a beautiful "little" thing! We were able to go and see them a few days later and finally hold him. There's also a bunch of pictures of him, Kellie and Garret taken by my amazing friend Ann on Her blog. She took some adorable pictures of him two weeks ago! There's some at the top, and if you scroll down there's some more of him and of Allison. :)
The little fam in the hospital:

My mom and baby Connor:

Dallin just loves his cousins!

Another reunion has come and gone for the Corry's! The numbers weren't really big this year, but we still had such a great time! Thursday was just a relaxing day- Setting up camp and hanging out by the fire. Dallin stuck to Steve and Lindsey like glue the whole weekend.

Friday afternoon at the reunion means Work Project. :) Everyone (including kids) works for two hours on something to better the property- Fix fences that have fallen in the snow, spray weeds, wash bathrooms, chop wood... anything and everything. I helped with the kids and I had the boys 3,4, and 5. Their job was to bring water to everyone that was working. They have these cute little jimmy-rigged 2 liter bottles that are filled up with water on this back-pack kind of thing. They were so cute and got so excited if somebody said yes! :)

The different age groups rotated to different centers during the two hours, and the other two places that our group went to was a pioneer story time, and a table where they colored quilt blocks to be made into blankets for charity.

The big project for the day this year was a huge swingset! It took a LOT of work and a lot of man power, but they got it up. I NEVER saw the swings empty the entire time I was there! :) The kids had such a fun time!

Robert had quite the crew of little boys around him watching him put up the swings with the tools. :)

The finished Project:

After the work project came the anual horse-shoe tournament. It was pretty intense! :) Here's Jeff's brother Steve warming up before his match:

And I guess the warming up worked because him and Bob won! :) Here's the final four:

Dallin made quite the little friend while he was there. Kaden and him hardly left each other's sides. :) Little boys can sure get dirty fast eh?

Friday was also my sister in law Laura's 19th bithday!
Holla!! :)

Saturday was a fun day. The Talent show went really well! There are so many fun talents in our family! They asked me to be apart of a "Broadway/Opera/Disney Movie Stand-off" where you had to sing 5 seconds of one of those kind of productions when it came to you to stay in the game. I got second place. My mind went blank and I sang a song that had already been sung. Next year... Watch out Barbara! :) haha... Steve and Sybil's family cracked me up. Here's PART of their talent they did as a family. I wish I could have gotten the whole thing:

Then, Jeff and I were in charge of dinner on Saturday, and had a lot of people's help. It turned out great! :)

Overall- We all had such a fun time at the reunion. It's crazy to see how much people's families change over a year. Jeff's family sure had changed a lot! :)

And, to sum it all up in one picture... we come home dirty and exhuasted, but had such a good time and lots of new memories. :)

Kaylin's Par-tay!
Marci has been an awesome friend for quite a while now. We met when my then boyfriend in high school was best friends with her now husband. :) I'm so glad we stayed such good friends for the last 7 years! We have such a fun time together- WHEN we get together. Unfortuneately, it's not that often anymore because we live two hours away. :( But her son Kaylin turned 3 on the 18th and we went down to party with them! They had a fun water party in their backyard... which was much needed in the St. George Heat!
Birthday Boy:

Marci at 17ish weeks:

My Kiddo's lovin' the water!

Sister Lamb...
Sister Lamb is probably going to kill me for posting this, but I told her I was going to anyway. :) It was our wonderful neighbor, Sister Lamb's birthday last week. Our friend Emily made a cake and we all celebrated it with her that evening. She's such an amazing lady who is overflowing with incredible talents. The Valley wouldn't be the same without her! She's was the music teacher here forever, and also started a group called Melody Miss that generations of girls here have been in. She has changed the lives of hundreds and hundreds of kids and adults in the area. We're so grateful to have her right here across the street. She's a wonderful woman who we love! :)

Look how excited these boys (Dallin and Peter) are for the cake!

24th of July

For the 24th, we were in Cedar again, but everything was so crazy since we were trying to get ready for Danny to get home, that we didn't do too much. The fun part of the day was just being with family though! We DID go to the parade in the morning, and again- Dallin scored some pretty cool stuff! :) He even got a Kazoo from the Kazoo band! :) And look how cute Allison looks in her pioneer bonnet from grandma Corry! :)

The rest of the day we spent painting and cleaning, and had a yummy dinner out on the back patio! :)

Elder Corry is home!
Jeff's brother Danny is home from Germany! He was there for two years serving a mission for our Church. He started traveling on Friday at 7:15 a.m. Germany time (11:15 p.m. on Thursday, Utah time) and got home at 10:40 p.m. on Friday, Utah Time (6:40 am Saturday Germany time). So he was traveling for almost 24 hours, and only fell asleep for an hour the whole time! Poor guy was SOOO tired!!
We watched his plane the entire day live.

And here he is!!

He's so tall!

Dallin just LOVED him and kept saying, "That's my Uncle Danny. He's not a missionary anymore!"

The whole family except Jared
(He was gone at an internship until Sunday)

It's so good to have him home. It seemed like he never left.

A good thing about being out of town so much is that Dallin got to spend a lot of time with his cousins. Cousin James is Crazy and Fun and they (usually) have a lot of fun together. They were watching grandpa drain the pond here:
Dallin also loves babies. He wanted to hold baby Heidi really bad. There was one time this weekend when Heidi was just fussing on the floor. Dallin went by her and just layed next to her and started talking to her, and she setting right down! She would just stare at him. He's so good with babies!
Allison also is starting to get some cousin time. Heidi and Allison have matching onsies, so we took the photo op! Here they are with their daddies. Heidi- 6 wks. Allison 4 1/2 months.

We also had some cousin time with baby Connor. Dallin held him, and Allison tried to eat him. :)

Herr Corry's 60th Geburtstag!
My father in law, Jeff, turns sixty tomorrow! At Danny's homecoming open house, we decided to surprise him with some fun cupcakes, made by me. :) Everyone loved looking at all the different stages of "the Herr". :) It turned out really fun and I think he really enjoyed them! He definitely had fun with the trick candles. :) Happy Birthday Jeff! You're such a great father in law and I love being in your family!

Dad's Birthday too!
Thursday is also my Dad's birthday too! (Crazy that both of our dads have the same birthday eh?) He's turning 54. I Love you dad! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Dad with two of his three grandkids:

Well... That's it folks!
I know it was SUPER long...
But man oh man...
It felt so good to get it all out.
I won't be going this long in between posts next time!
Hope everyone had a fun July like we did!