Thursday, February 28, 2008

"My Shisher"

Well, I must give a shout out to my sister! I love her! She's one of my best friends in the world. These are some of the reasons she's one of my favorites:
*Even though sometimes we are different with some
things, we always just "get" each other. *
*We can laugh so hard about something and nobody
else will know what we're talking about*
*She's so stylish! I get lots of tips from her and her cuteness*
*She decorates her apartment way cute! Such a
great little homemaker already!*
*She has such a talent for singing, and isn't afraid to let it lose!"
*How she's just... weird :)*
*She lets me borrow (ok.. Steal) all her clothes*
*The way we call each other and talk about nothing forever*
*The way she talks in funny voices*
*She loves her husband and her family and
shows it in many ways*
*How she's just herself... and doesn't try to impress*
(: and many more :)

She just got married two months ago to a great guy named Garrett Thayer (Nicole's cousin to those of you who know her! :). He's awesome to her and they make such a great pair. (It was an honor to have her wear my wedding dress!) These are a few pictures of her wedding reception. It was a blast!

I love ya Kell-Bell!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Nigh-neen" and "May-moo"

Dallin and I got creative the other day with his legos. He really wanted "Nigh-neen" and "May-moo" (Lightning and Mater from "Cars") so we tried our best. We used the rest of the legos for a tree and a finish line. We had a lot of fun racing them around the house the rest of the day.
To anyone reading:
Are your kids this obsessed with movie or T.V. characters?? These guys, Buzz and Woody (Buzz and WeeWee), and Tigger and Pooh (Ti-dee and Pooh) are his everything! He usually goes back and forth to different movies different weeks, and then the next week he'll switch to another... But He's definately obsessed with them all... Just curious if your kids have this same thing...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Heart You...

Ahhh... Valentines day. I love Valentines day! I don't know what it is... Maybe it's all of the little paper valentines that we get from Jeff's kids in his class-Spiderman, Barbie, Shrek, Princess, Cars, ect... Or the millions of home-made, heart shaped sugar cookies that circle around the neighborhood. Maybe it's just that it's one special day that I get to spend telling and showing my honey that I love him... (even though we tell each other multiple times a day anyway)... Usually, I plan out the whole day, and everything seems to go pretty well... This year... Um... Well... We kind of had something extra planned for us... Read on...

The day started off pretty great. I made Jeff waffles for breakfast. Mmm... Yummy. I even got out our "You are Special" plate that we always forget about...

In the afternoon, I went down to Jeff's Classroom and helped the kids made Big fun envelopes to hold their Valentines in. I love that Jeff lets me come do this with them. I love all of his kids, and he always has me come down for all of the holidays. I can't help but adore the excitement that flows from the kids. Remember those days when you would try to pick out that perfect Valentine for everyone- trying to find one that wasn't too lovey-dovey and embarrassing, but would get the point across to the kid that you had the biggest crush on? Then sign it with a little heart by your name or something? haha... It's fun to watch them figure out the flirting thing...

(This is Dallin with his "Dallin-tine" cookie from the school.)

I had something planned to do for Jeff for a surprise at the high school later that night, so after I got home, Dallin and I went to the little theater to set everything up. As I was leaving though, one of the neighbors came and found me and said,
"Um... Jeff was cutting wood outside and sliced himself open pretty bad... He was bleeding a lot so my dad took him to the clinic..."
Um.... Talk about freak out?!? Hello... You don't tell somebody like that... Sheesh... I booked it down to the clinic to find Jeff and our Bishop there. I found out it was only his finger. He needed three stitches... Still though- It bled a LOT and Jeff took a while to get his color back and so he wasn't dizzy. Talk about "Bloody Valentine"... (Speaking of... We don't have a very good track record... Our first Valentines Day, Jeff sliced his hand open on a broken Sparkling Cider bottle!)

Of course that threw us off for a little while, and I was so grateful that it was only his finger! But the rest of the night went great! Our friends watched Dallin for the evening, and we went out to eat and had a big steak dinner... (but I think the cook ate a little too much beer battered shrimp back there... if you know what I mean. A little nutso!). They messed up our order quite a bit... But the food was still good, and we had fun laughing.
After dinner, I told Jeff to drive to the high school. (I love having keys! muah-ha-ha!) He was nervous, since he had no idea what to expect, but when he walked into the little theater, he was surprised by a little table all decked out with Chocolate covered strawberries, and a walkway made with white twinkle lights and rose petals. I know... I know... It was really cheesy, but I wanted to do something for him, since I didn't get him a gift or anything, that told him I really was thinking of him. I also made a little movie slide show of our little life together so far and had it set up on a projector on the wall. I was pretty proud of myself for actually pulling it off, since I am SOOO not technology inclined!!

Anyway... Even with the Blood, and Business... Valentines day was a great day! I love Jeff so much, and I'm so grateful to be blessed enough to have such a great man in my life. In fact, I'm even MORE blessed to have TWO great men in my life. :) I love my little family, and I had a great Valentines Day (Or "Dallin-tine" day as Dallin called it)...

Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay... So... I slacked... BIG TIME! Sorry about that everyone. I have a really bad habit that when I don't do something for a while, it takes me even LONGER to catch up because I know all the work that lies ahead.
But... I OFFICIALLY AM CAUGHT UP!!! Ha-Hoo for me! I'm so proud of myself... :) There are quite a few posts that I made... So have fun. :)

Snow Day...

So about a week ago we had a huge snow day! About two feet of snow!! It was nuts! Here's a few pictures.
Our walk way to our house.

It took us an hour just to get our car out of our driveway... and then we couldn't drive it anyway.

Jeff shoveled the entire driveway to try to get the car out... It took a LONG time!

Our backyard during the storm.

Our sweet old-school BBQ

I guess the weight of the snow was too much for our poor apple tree to handle.

So Dallin and I had fun inside... haha... This is one of our moments of fun during our great snow day... (sorry it's so shaky):

Christmas and New Years Fun...

Our Holidays were great! I love that Jeff is a teacher and has all of the holidays off!! We had a great Christmas. Went to Cedar with Jeff's family for Christmas Eve, My grandma's on Christmas Afternoon, My Mom's that evening, and My dad's in Vegas the next day. A lot of Traveling... But it was a lot of fun.

At my Grandma's on Christmas Day

Christmas Morning!

Dallin wanted to open everyone else's gifts instead of his own.

Yay! We got to talk to Dan in Germany! He sounded so good!

Dallin's new book from Grandma.

For New Years this year, we were in Cedar- so we got together with a bunch of our friends and their kids and had Ice Cream at Dennys. We had an early New Years celebration... (9:00), put the kids to bed, and then had a little party of our own and played games. Perfect! I would suggest it to everyone.
New Years Love...

Ow Ow Baby!

New Years "Hug"!

On New years day, I was trying to find Dallin and finally found him on the Piano upstairs at my mother in law's house. This is him at his finest... haha... If you can't tell- He sort of has an obsession with the movie "Cars". Nigh-Ning (Lightning), May-Moo (Mater), and Dah (Doc) come out in this masterpiece. But he can also say every character name in the movie, and loves to say quotes from the movie... here he is...

And for some reason- I just decided to add this pic of Dallin... :) haha:


P.S. The first row, second row, third row thing on the Wiz pictures didn't really come out like how it was when I was creating the post... But I'm sure you got the gist... :)

November Tidbits...

November was a busy month- but it was great too...
Here's a little collage of the musical I put on at the high school this year. We put on the very fun musical, "The Wiz". This was my first year to actually direct, and it was a little scary... Being on the opposite side of the stage is a lot harder than being on stage I think. For my first time in this position, I would say everything went VERY well! It was weird being in charge of choreography, blocking, sound, costumes, set, etc. (for the most part) all at the same time. At first the kids were very skeptical at what they could actually pull off... But I was SOOO proud of them. They did such a great job!! Practically sold out every night. Dallin loved coming to rehearsal as well. He was always up there with them. Once day I couldn't find then anywhere, and I looked up and he was walking onto stage with the others dancing just like them. He was so cute with all the kids. His favorite was the gatekeeper and High Lord Underling- Bryce. During the performances, whenever he'd see him, he'd start yelling "BRYCE!!! HI BRYCE". He was a great audience member.

First row:
The Foursome... The Yellow Brick Road (One of the costumes I designed)... Death of the Witch
Second Row:
The foursome getting into Oz... The Wiz himself... The Gatekeeper... The Scarecrow and Dorothy
Third Row:
Evilene (Wicked Witch) and High Lord Underling... The Dancing Crows... The cast crew

Also in November, our town had their Lighting Ceremony after Thanksgiving. Our town meets at the church where there is a huge tree. They usually have some singing and a message from the mayor, and then they plug in the huge tree and leave the lights on until after New Years. Afterwards, for the past couple years, we've gone over to the little Soup Town restaurant and have seen Santa. Dallin was a little apprehensive at first, but that soon was over. He got on his lap and just kind of looked at him for a while... and then said "Bike Please". :) So cute... How could "Santa" not give in to that! :)
He's so happy... :)

After the Chocolate Santa...

We also started into Basketball season in November. This the Cheerleaders big season since we don't have football. This video is of Dallin trying to dance with a few of my cute chearleadies... I still can't believe I'm a cheer adviser sometimes... Crazy...

October: Pumpkins, Performing, and Pirates

We had a really fun October! Every year, our neighbors, Barbara and Norman, have a Pumpkin Party for all of their kids and grandkids. This year they invited Dallin and us to come join in on the fun! They had a huge spread for dinner, and everything that they made had pumpkin in it (which, to my surprise- EVERYTHING was so good!) Barbara also came up with a bunch of activities for the kids- A witch pinata, a pumpkin toss, catching the "ghosts" (white balloons with faces), witch songs, and they got witches brooms (they were cut up paper bags with candy inside, and a stick out the top). She's so creative. At the end of the evening, everyone gets to pick a pumpkin that was grown in their patch. Dallin had a hard time choosing, but he finally picked one that was just right- and he was VERY proud!

Dallin was trying to decide which one he wanted... It took a while.

"Cheese", At first he picked the smallest "baby" one.

Yay! He finally found the perfect one! He wouldn't let it go.

Our family with our pumpkins.
(Notice the gourds in the trees? I thought that was fun.)

Jeff and I were asked to sing with the Symphony of the Canyons. It was such a fun experience. We traveled with them one of the nights, and then sang at the Kanab High School as well. Jeff sang a few pieces from "Phantom of the Opera", and he did a wonderful job! He has the perfect voice for that! It was awesome. Unfortunately, the felmale parts of the piece were WAY to high for me to sing, so a lady named Jimmy Baker (actually- my friend Jake Baker's sister in law) sang the pieces with him. She has an amazing voice though- It was great! I sang some songs from the musical "Wicked". It was a fun experience. I LOVE the musical anyway, and have memorized all the songs, so it was great to actually perform them... It was sort of difficult to have to follow the orchestra and how the conductor thought it should go, after I had listened to the soundtrack over and over and over... But I thought it turned out pretty well. Here's a few videos:

Here's my hubby singing one of his songs from Phantom of the Opera.
Yay Honey!

Well, This is me singing one of my songs from the Wicked music... You can't really see anything I'm doing because it was dark and Jeff was so far away... But I guess you can hear me...
so oh well.

Our family after singing...
(My face is supposed to be green... I wasn't just nervous... :)
Halloween is also a pretty big deal in Orderville. I like it. I went down to Jeff's classroom for a little while and fun with his kids. The high school in Kanab did a little fairytale play for the whole elementary. Later that night, we came home and all dressed up like pirates. I thought we did pretty well. Jeff actually went all out! Some people didn't recognize him. We did the usual trick or treating and saw our friends the Blodgetts and the Roses. It was a lot of fun.

Dallin in his cute little costume. He was even really good about letting me put on his mustache.

Well, aren't we a good looking couple! ow-ow!

Dallin's cute new words that he learned for Halloween.