Monday, February 11, 2008

Christmas and New Years Fun...

Our Holidays were great! I love that Jeff is a teacher and has all of the holidays off!! We had a great Christmas. Went to Cedar with Jeff's family for Christmas Eve, My grandma's on Christmas Afternoon, My Mom's that evening, and My dad's in Vegas the next day. A lot of Traveling... But it was a lot of fun.

At my Grandma's on Christmas Day

Christmas Morning!

Dallin wanted to open everyone else's gifts instead of his own.

Yay! We got to talk to Dan in Germany! He sounded so good!

Dallin's new book from Grandma.

For New Years this year, we were in Cedar- so we got together with a bunch of our friends and their kids and had Ice Cream at Dennys. We had an early New Years celebration... (9:00), put the kids to bed, and then had a little party of our own and played games. Perfect! I would suggest it to everyone.
New Years Love...

Ow Ow Baby!

New Years "Hug"!

On New years day, I was trying to find Dallin and finally found him on the Piano upstairs at my mother in law's house. This is him at his finest... haha... If you can't tell- He sort of has an obsession with the movie "Cars". Nigh-Ning (Lightning), May-Moo (Mater), and Dah (Doc) come out in this masterpiece. But he can also say every character name in the movie, and loves to say quotes from the movie... here he is...

And for some reason- I just decided to add this pic of Dallin... :) haha:

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