Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay... So... I slacked... BIG TIME! Sorry about that everyone. I have a really bad habit that when I don't do something for a while, it takes me even LONGER to catch up because I know all the work that lies ahead.
But... I OFFICIALLY AM CAUGHT UP!!! Ha-Hoo for me! I'm so proud of myself... :) There are quite a few posts that I made... So have fun. :)


Josh and Britt said...

Thanks! I sure hope I go early. Even though most people tell you that it's normal to go late with your first baby, I swear I've heard of way more people that go early. I guess it's just different for everyone! Good to hear from you. You're boy is so big and cute, I can't believe it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog (boy, you just never know who reads these things, huh?) Anyway, stop by anytime (and I’m sure I’ll do the same with yours—I’m kind of a blog-addict). I haven’t been updating much lately because I have a baby due in a week—seems like that’s all I’m thinking about! I keep thinking my next post will be “He’s here!” but so far--nothing.

I'll see you around!

photography by Mikki said...

Ok, so you guys are such a cute family! I love that you both do plays, and that you're carrying on your talent of it all. Awesome! And your little guy is adorable- love that he helps you in the kitchen! I would love to do pictures for you guys- let me know your email and I'll send over some info-