Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 Wonderful Years...

After our Anniversary dinner date:
Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary with my wonderful hubby!
In some ways it's crazy to say I've been married for 4 years...
But at the same time... It seems like it's been so much longer.
And definitely not in a bad way!
I just feel like I've known Jeff forever. And we already have two beautiful kids. :)
I'm so grateful for such a great husband.
We've always been able to talk about anything... and we have so much fun together.
I love that I fit perfectly when we cuddle, and he always
supports me in everything I throw at him...
(Maybe not always willingly, but he still does. :)
Jeff I love you so much and can't imagine going through this life without you...

Four years ago, we danced to a song called "Close to Me" by Eclipse at our wedding...

"I can't believe that this could really be .
So close to you, and your close to me.
I feel your touch and I can hardly breathe.
I asked you came.We wondered through the night.
We stumbled chasing words flying cross my mind.
I quiet voice says I'm doing just fine.

"I will make a wish
Say a prayer
Take my hand and stay forever
In my arms...
This is where you'll be.
I will be your friend,
Through it all.
When you're up and when you Fall
Close to Me...
Close to you...

"Then 9 became 3.
All the days turned into weeks
Now all I can say is "Don't wake me from this dream"
I pinch myself to check reality.
The sun can burn in a blinking of an Eye
This world will turn a thousand times.
Still I see just one heart, and a single mind.

"I will make a wish
Say a prayer
Take my hand and stay forever
In my arms...
This is where you'll be.
I will be your friend through it all.
When you're up and when you fall
Close to you..
Close to me...

"Can't you see the way we laugh when we're together
It's hard to believe that this could feel so right...
It's hard to think that you would want to
spend a life time being by my side

Now All I need is your time...

(Little Mormon Boy Rap Breakout)
"I'll be your friend every night and day
I'll be the one- I'll show you the way
I saw you comin' from the very start.
And you were stoppin' cars... and my beatin' heart.
I'm writing songs and saying my prayers.
My friends are pokin' fun and I don't even care.
If you gotta love me, you know how it's gotta be
Just a little something to break the monotony
'cause I'm your man. I don't deserve you... but I love you.

"I will make a wish
Say a prayer
Take my hand and stay forever
In my arms...
This is where you'll be.
I will be your friend through it all.
When you're up and when you fall
Close to you..
Close to me..."

I will always love this song and love the harmony and words...
"I can't believe that this could really be.
So close to you, and your close to me.
I feel your touch and I can hardly breathe."
I'll always remember the first time Jeff put his arm around me. I couldn't breathe. I remember going home and pacing back and forth in my apartment wondering why it felt so right.
"Can't you see the way we laugh when we're together
It's hard to believe that this could feel so right...
It's hard to think that you would want to
spend a life time being by my side"

Somedays... I wonder why you chose me Honey. :)
But I'll be eternally grateful that you did.
I love you with all my heart.

Happy Anniversary!
Here's to MANY more... :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We really are not "camping people" (To say the least). We love to be outside and enjoy being under the stars... but the sleeping in a tent on hard ground? Not so much... :)
But last week, Jeff decided to randomly set up our little tent in the backyard. Dallin thought it was the coolest thing! He had so much fun in there all afternoon.

While we were hanging out in the tent, we had an idea to actually light up our old fashioned BBQ (we've been wanting to for four years!). It worked great! There's even a little place where you can open a door and place a loaf of bread to cook in it! We'd totally be prepared if something happened! :) We invited the Blodgett's over and had a pretend camp-out- complete with hot-dogs and s'mores! So yummy! We had a great evening!


I have been a total slacker the last little while. I'm so bad lately at posting things constantly. Instead I do a total marathon of posts, and then it's not as fun. :) Anyway- Thought I'd kind of get caught up tonight. Here's a bunch of randomness from the last two weeks:
Allison is getting so big. We keep looking at her every few days and telling each other how much bigger she looks! She's changing so much- personality, and looks. When she was born, she looked so much like me it was crazy! (especially my baby pictures!) But now... I think she totally looks like Jeff! (...Traitor...) :) She's "talking" up a storm (just squealing), and has now officially found her toes. She's also ALMOST rolling over. She gets so close! Just can't quite get all the way yet. :) She's sure a cute one! :)
Allison in her "Three month" Picture (with the same bunny as the last two months) and "Nakey"...

Big grins:

She's laughing out loud a lot now- So cute! :)

Dallin is changing a lot too. His imagination is taking off and he thinks of the funniest things and scenarios now. Our cute little neighbor, Brittney, is 13. She came over the other day and played with Dallin for a while. She asked him where something was and he replied, "It's downstairs Babe..." He's already going for the older women! :) He also served me up some "Jo" yesterday. haha. He told me to drink my cup full of "Jo" 'cause it was yummy! I told him that I like juice a lot better. :) Daddy and Dallin built this castle the other day out of Legos:

He was very particular on where everyone's rooms were!
He's also a great big brother and loves to hold Allison's hand.

We took this movie the other day while driving to "Kaninab" (Kanab):

These are just a few Dallinisms:
(I couldn't think of a lot when I was recording, I'll have to get more later)
and- I promise he's not eating boogers... :)

And total Random- Here's my cutie-pa-tootie sister at 37 weeks. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Crazy Kiddo...

Jeff and I were talking this morning about what a funny spirit Dallin has in his little body. :) He cracks us up! Just a few things the last couple days.
We went on a walk to the store, and he was very specific on what he wanted to wear.
Superman cape? Check...
Cowboy Hat? Check...
Golf Club? Check...
Total Goof? Check...

Today he was eating a banana and took the peeling all the way off. He then exclaimed,
"Hey! It's Naked!"

Also today, after we had walked home from choir practice, he ran up to the doorway and kneeled down like this:

After a while, I finally asked him what he was doing, and he told me "I'm being like Nephi". :) Also, few days ago, he was playing with some friends and stuck his hands straight out in front of him and acted like he struck them down. I told him that we're not supposed to be mean to our friends, and he told me that "But Nephi stwuck down Yamen and Yem-Yewl Mom!".
I guess he's paying attention to "scripspur" study. :)
I need to be better at writing every day things like this down.
I love this kid of mine...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 months!

Is my beautiful baby girl really already 3 months old? I can't believe it! She's changing so much lately! We can really see her little personality starting to show! She's starting to get really good with her hands and loves to play with her toy that hooks onto her car seat.

She's CONSTANTLY "talking" (more like squealing) to everyone, but her daddy can get her talking more than anyone! Here's a clip of her "talking" (sorry it's kind of long):

She likes sitting in her Bumbo now, and is getting stronger and stronger. Also- she's finally laughing out loud now! She's still doing awesome- still sleeping through the night- 9 hours usually! She's just a great little, adorable, uber smiley baby that we love so much!

(I think this picture is one of my favorites :)

Project Complete!

I thought of a project I wanted to do for Dallin and Allison's room back in January, and never really got down to finishing it. Finally, while Jeff was gone to Fathers and Sons with Dallin on Friday, I FINISHED IT! :) I loved how it turned out. I tried to take a few pictures in the process, but they didn't really turn out that well. I'll show you what I have though. :)

*First I bought a thick foam poster board and cut a few squares with an exacto knife.*

*Then I covered the squares with some scrapbook paper, cut out 11 inch letters for their names, and glued them onto the boards*

*Next, I tied some ribbon in a bow, and hot glued it to the back of the boards*

*Then finally, I had Allison stamp her feet on hers, and Dallin stamp his hand on his*

*I also took a black and white picture of them together, chalked the edges, and put it in the middle*

*The finished product*

I love how they turned out. It was a lot of fun to do, and I have their cute little foot and hand prints there forever. :) Also- They are SUPER light, so you can hang them up with that sticky foam tape, and if they happened to fall off the wall- no damage would be done! :) (We had to be careful with this wall because Dallin's bed is right underneath)

So- Total Cost:
Poster Board- $1.49
Paper- $1.20
Ribbon- $3.29, but had coupon for 50% off... so $1.65
Paint- I had
Picture- printed off computer
Total: $4.34, plus tax!
Super Cheap!! :)

Anyway- I finally can check this off my to-do list! :)

Cool Pool Party... La La La La...

... (That's a sweet song by the AquaBats by the way) :)

Last Monday, one of our best friends' little girl, Faith, turned 7! It's been so fun to see their kids grow since they are like family to us. We drove over to Kanab and ate dinner with them at the park, then had a way fun pool party at the new pool over there! It was a lot of fun since there was only us and two other small families there. They have a big water slide, a lazy river, a deeper pool with a basket ball net, and a big water play ground. We had so much fun!
Dallin and Jeff in the Lazy River:

Chantelle, Ellie, and Karlie (And Baby Kurt in her tummy) :)
Also- Faith, Brent and Brielle:

This is Dallin saying:
"It's too cold!"... "But it's so fun!"

And since I wasn't brave enough to get in a swimming suit yet, this is how I spent my time. :) Although it turned out to be a really good thing. I needed to be with Allison anyway, and who would have taken the pictures? :)

Faith wanted a "DS Nintendo Dogz" Cake... haha. So Chantelle came up with this:

Pretty good I thought. :)

We love our friends, the Blodgetts. We have such good times with them, and like I said, they have been like our family here. We both are here without any family members or anything, so we always lean on each other.
Happy Birthday Faith!

Lunch at the Park...

I finally got to celebrate my birthday with my family last weekend. My mom and grandma put together and AWESOME lunch and we ate down at the Santa Clara Park. I love spending time together like this. If I had my way- I'd have a picnic every day! :)

My cute preggo sister. I think she's faking us all out though. She has to just be hiding a basketball under there! She's too cute to be 8 months pregnant! :) Love you Shisher!!

Thanks Mom and Grandma! I had a really fun time!

Valley Graduation...

Last week I went to Valley High School's graduation. I love their small hometown graduation ceremony! :) The class of about maybe 25? Maybe less all sat together in the bleachers. They had a slide show of all of them and their baby pictures next to their senior picture. And they always have "predictions" of where they are going to end up after high school. It's so funny... The classes just always seem so close, and I love it.
Two of my awesome Drama kids gave me announcements for their graduation- Tyler and Tavez. They are so funny together and did such an amazing job in the shows the last two years. They both are so talented! Our drama department is really going to miss them and all of their talent! Best of luck in everything the future brings your way guys!! :)


My boy thinks he's died and gone to heaven...
Look what we have now!!

A Swing Set!! :)
It's a really nice one too!
Dallin has his favorite spot:

Allison is even enjoying it!

We've already accumulated MANY hours on here!
Thank you SOOO much Ann and Marty!
Have a ever mentioned that we have the best friends and neighbors here ever??

(...Because we do!!)