Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cool Pool Party... La La La La...

... (That's a sweet song by the AquaBats by the way) :)

Last Monday, one of our best friends' little girl, Faith, turned 7! It's been so fun to see their kids grow since they are like family to us. We drove over to Kanab and ate dinner with them at the park, then had a way fun pool party at the new pool over there! It was a lot of fun since there was only us and two other small families there. They have a big water slide, a lazy river, a deeper pool with a basket ball net, and a big water play ground. We had so much fun!
Dallin and Jeff in the Lazy River:

Chantelle, Ellie, and Karlie (And Baby Kurt in her tummy) :)
Also- Faith, Brent and Brielle:

This is Dallin saying:
"It's too cold!"... "But it's so fun!"

And since I wasn't brave enough to get in a swimming suit yet, this is how I spent my time. :) Although it turned out to be a really good thing. I needed to be with Allison anyway, and who would have taken the pictures? :)

Faith wanted a "DS Nintendo Dogz" Cake... haha. So Chantelle came up with this:

Pretty good I thought. :)

We love our friends, the Blodgetts. We have such good times with them, and like I said, they have been like our family here. We both are here without any family members or anything, so we always lean on each other.
Happy Birthday Faith!


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