Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We really are not "camping people" (To say the least). We love to be outside and enjoy being under the stars... but the sleeping in a tent on hard ground? Not so much... :)
But last week, Jeff decided to randomly set up our little tent in the backyard. Dallin thought it was the coolest thing! He had so much fun in there all afternoon.

While we were hanging out in the tent, we had an idea to actually light up our old fashioned BBQ (we've been wanting to for four years!). It worked great! There's even a little place where you can open a door and place a loaf of bread to cook in it! We'd totally be prepared if something happened! :) We invited the Blodgett's over and had a pretend camp-out- complete with hot-dogs and s'mores! So yummy! We had a great evening!

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The Augustus' said...

I hear ya on the camping thing. Nick loves camping though. I hate sleeping in the tent, even on a plush air mattress. I can never get warm. Ugh. And guess what, we are going camping in August. Oh joy.