Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 months!

Is my beautiful baby girl really already 3 months old? I can't believe it! She's changing so much lately! We can really see her little personality starting to show! She's starting to get really good with her hands and loves to play with her toy that hooks onto her car seat.

She's CONSTANTLY "talking" (more like squealing) to everyone, but her daddy can get her talking more than anyone! Here's a clip of her "talking" (sorry it's kind of long):

She likes sitting in her Bumbo now, and is getting stronger and stronger. Also- she's finally laughing out loud now! She's still doing awesome- still sleeping through the night- 9 hours usually! She's just a great little, adorable, uber smiley baby that we love so much!

(I think this picture is one of my favorites :)

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Judy said...

Man that is crazy that Allison is sleeping through the night already. It just sounds so early. (probably because James didn't until he was over a year) That is way cool. I hope our little girl will be that good.