Monday, February 11, 2008

October: Pumpkins, Performing, and Pirates

We had a really fun October! Every year, our neighbors, Barbara and Norman, have a Pumpkin Party for all of their kids and grandkids. This year they invited Dallin and us to come join in on the fun! They had a huge spread for dinner, and everything that they made had pumpkin in it (which, to my surprise- EVERYTHING was so good!) Barbara also came up with a bunch of activities for the kids- A witch pinata, a pumpkin toss, catching the "ghosts" (white balloons with faces), witch songs, and they got witches brooms (they were cut up paper bags with candy inside, and a stick out the top). She's so creative. At the end of the evening, everyone gets to pick a pumpkin that was grown in their patch. Dallin had a hard time choosing, but he finally picked one that was just right- and he was VERY proud!

Dallin was trying to decide which one he wanted... It took a while.

"Cheese", At first he picked the smallest "baby" one.

Yay! He finally found the perfect one! He wouldn't let it go.

Our family with our pumpkins.
(Notice the gourds in the trees? I thought that was fun.)

Jeff and I were asked to sing with the Symphony of the Canyons. It was such a fun experience. We traveled with them one of the nights, and then sang at the Kanab High School as well. Jeff sang a few pieces from "Phantom of the Opera", and he did a wonderful job! He has the perfect voice for that! It was awesome. Unfortunately, the felmale parts of the piece were WAY to high for me to sing, so a lady named Jimmy Baker (actually- my friend Jake Baker's sister in law) sang the pieces with him. She has an amazing voice though- It was great! I sang some songs from the musical "Wicked". It was a fun experience. I LOVE the musical anyway, and have memorized all the songs, so it was great to actually perform them... It was sort of difficult to have to follow the orchestra and how the conductor thought it should go, after I had listened to the soundtrack over and over and over... But I thought it turned out pretty well. Here's a few videos:

Here's my hubby singing one of his songs from Phantom of the Opera.
Yay Honey!

Well, This is me singing one of my songs from the Wicked music... You can't really see anything I'm doing because it was dark and Jeff was so far away... But I guess you can hear me...
so oh well.

Our family after singing...
(My face is supposed to be green... I wasn't just nervous... :)
Halloween is also a pretty big deal in Orderville. I like it. I went down to Jeff's classroom for a little while and fun with his kids. The high school in Kanab did a little fairytale play for the whole elementary. Later that night, we came home and all dressed up like pirates. I thought we did pretty well. Jeff actually went all out! Some people didn't recognize him. We did the usual trick or treating and saw our friends the Blodgetts and the Roses. It was a lot of fun.

Dallin in his cute little costume. He was even really good about letting me put on his mustache.

Well, aren't we a good looking couple! ow-ow!

Dallin's cute new words that he learned for Halloween.

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