Monday, February 11, 2008

November Tidbits...

November was a busy month- but it was great too...
Here's a little collage of the musical I put on at the high school this year. We put on the very fun musical, "The Wiz". This was my first year to actually direct, and it was a little scary... Being on the opposite side of the stage is a lot harder than being on stage I think. For my first time in this position, I would say everything went VERY well! It was weird being in charge of choreography, blocking, sound, costumes, set, etc. (for the most part) all at the same time. At first the kids were very skeptical at what they could actually pull off... But I was SOOO proud of them. They did such a great job!! Practically sold out every night. Dallin loved coming to rehearsal as well. He was always up there with them. Once day I couldn't find then anywhere, and I looked up and he was walking onto stage with the others dancing just like them. He was so cute with all the kids. His favorite was the gatekeeper and High Lord Underling- Bryce. During the performances, whenever he'd see him, he'd start yelling "BRYCE!!! HI BRYCE". He was a great audience member.

First row:
The Foursome... The Yellow Brick Road (One of the costumes I designed)... Death of the Witch
Second Row:
The foursome getting into Oz... The Wiz himself... The Gatekeeper... The Scarecrow and Dorothy
Third Row:
Evilene (Wicked Witch) and High Lord Underling... The Dancing Crows... The cast crew

Also in November, our town had their Lighting Ceremony after Thanksgiving. Our town meets at the church where there is a huge tree. They usually have some singing and a message from the mayor, and then they plug in the huge tree and leave the lights on until after New Years. Afterwards, for the past couple years, we've gone over to the little Soup Town restaurant and have seen Santa. Dallin was a little apprehensive at first, but that soon was over. He got on his lap and just kind of looked at him for a while... and then said "Bike Please". :) So cute... How could "Santa" not give in to that! :)
He's so happy... :)

After the Chocolate Santa...

We also started into Basketball season in November. This the Cheerleaders big season since we don't have football. This video is of Dallin trying to dance with a few of my cute chearleadies... I still can't believe I'm a cheer adviser sometimes... Crazy...

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Jessica said...

Jenna! You are me drama and cheer idol! Fantastic job!! I can just see you hard at work....and having a total blast while you're at it! Thanks for sharing your talents! :^) Jess