Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Day...

So about a week ago we had a huge snow day! About two feet of snow!! It was nuts! Here's a few pictures.
Our walk way to our house.

It took us an hour just to get our car out of our driveway... and then we couldn't drive it anyway.

Jeff shoveled the entire driveway to try to get the car out... It took a LONG time!

Our backyard during the storm.

Our sweet old-school BBQ

I guess the weight of the snow was too much for our poor apple tree to handle.

So Dallin and I had fun inside... haha... This is one of our moments of fun during our great snow day... (sorry it's so shaky):

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Rodebacks said...

Wow looks like you got a ton of snow too! It is just so much fun isn't it! She is so much fun! I wanted to come to the reception so bad but my husband was out of town and both Brynlee and me were sick so we didn't make it. I wanted to see you and your little boy because I knew he was going to be a lot bigger then the last time I saw him. Well you look good and so does your family. Hopefully we can see each other soon. Sorry for the novel.