Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Nigh-neen" and "May-moo"

Dallin and I got creative the other day with his legos. He really wanted "Nigh-neen" and "May-moo" (Lightning and Mater from "Cars") so we tried our best. We used the rest of the legos for a tree and a finish line. We had a lot of fun racing them around the house the rest of the day.
To anyone reading:
Are your kids this obsessed with movie or T.V. characters?? These guys, Buzz and Woody (Buzz and WeeWee), and Tigger and Pooh (Ti-dee and Pooh) are his everything! He usually goes back and forth to different movies different weeks, and then the next week he'll switch to another... But He's definately obsessed with them all... Just curious if your kids have this same thing...


Charlotte said...


How fun to find you! You'll have to tell me (the next time we see eachother--in July?) how you ended up finding the Corry Blogs.

That Dallin sure is growing up!


Crawfords said...

You want to talk obsessed? It only gets worse, let me tell you that much. Our oldest, Austin (3), is also obsessed with the movie Cars and specifically in collecting the little die-cast cars they sell at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. He HAS to have every one, and some only come in sets with others that we already have. At last count I think he had about 70 of them, including about 10 Lightning McQueen's! We created a monster.

P.S. I'm an old mission buddy of Jeff's, we go way back! I'm keeping tabs on ya Jeff. Would you be careful around those power tools from now on!

Julianna said...

I am also an "old mission buddy" but I don't agree with the "old" party. I got here through Jason's blog. Hi Jeff!

I have two girls, but yes, they become obsessed just the same. They love all of the Cars characters, Buzz and Woody, and of course every princess in the history of Disney!