Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweethearts Ball...

We had a great date night last weekend! The stake always hosts a "Sweethearts Ball" for all of the married couples in the area. We always have such a fun time (We've gone the last four years). That morning I had been having some pressure from the baby... and didn't feel the greatest when we got there... But it's amazing what a little swing dancing will do! :) Don't worry- we weren't our crazy selves- doing throws and flips and things... But we did do quite a bit of swingin' and twirlin'. :) Just enough to have a fun time. My friend Ann ended up snapping a few pictures and a short little video.

(Sorry- it's pretty dark):
I'm the activities woman for our ward, so I was in charge of decorating the tables. I didn't get a very good picture of what was all on there, but we had sort of a "Paris" theme with Paris postcards on the table and and Eiffel tower with a couple dancing on the backdrop. It turned out really cute.

Also- Every year, each ward comes up with some kind of entertainment- whether it's a dance, or a song or something. We (Me, Ann, Emily, and Summer) sang "Mr. Sandman" to represent our ward and it ended up pretty good. We started practicing just a week before, and it was pretty hard harmony. We also had Emily's husband Robert, and Summer's husband Vern Brady (Snow Canyon people- he went to our school) play the bass and the guitar while we were singing. So it was a lot to through together with the time we had. I thought we did pretty well! :)
It was an awesome night. :)


Valeri Crockett said...

How fun! You are looking great and I can see that that calling is perfect for you and I bet you are SO good at it! I was glancing over and was amazed at your lengthy bloggers list. . . you are LOVED by so many. Take care of yourself these last few weeks. Make Jeff give you plenty of foot and back rubs!!(you have to cash in while you can).
; Val

Jeff Corry said...

She can cash in ANYTIME!