Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Catch up...

I can't believe it! I remember when I was little, my great-grandma always said that time kept getting faster and faster... and it's not until I got married and had Dallin that I now believe her! Where does the time go? I still have so much to do... so much I WANT to do... and just haven't done a lot of it. I still have a few more days... Maybe I can make it!
I thought I'd do a quick recap of a few things that's happened this month... since it's almost half-way done!
Tree Lighting- At the first of the month, are town always has this tradition of having a "tree lighting ceremony". The biggest tree on the main high-way- the one at the church- get's all decorated, and after everyone gather to sing Christmas songs and listen to a short program, the lights turn on and everyone goes next door for some soup and the chance to see Santa.

This year was the first year Dallin was a little apprehensive of sitting on Santa's lap. Santa this year happened to be one of the Drama kids from the highschool... So after checking out the situation for a minute, Dallin said, "That's not Santa. That's Tyler." Guess we'll have to find the REAL Santa somewhere... Dallin was just happy with his treat he got afterwards.

Birthday- The next day was my mom's birthday, so as a surprise I drove down with Dallin and met up with Kellie and Garrett (Scott was taking a test at school he couldn't get out of). Darrell took her out to Red Lobster for her birthday, so we all snuck up on her over there and totally surprised her! It was a fun afternoon. And Dallin got to touch a lobster! He loved it!

Gingerbread Houses- Chantelle and I thought that we'd try to make a real gingerbread house from scratch for the first time! It turned out really fun... for us... haha. The kids were all into unwrapping the candy for a little while- but then tired out from it quite quick. So it turned out just us decorating and we had so much fun with it. We were little kids again. Chantelle made a "Chocolate Factory", and I made a little cottage. The guys were wondering why there was no flat screen T.V. inside... :)

Dallin "Ism's"- Dallin really just cracks us up everyday with the things he says. One of our friends Valerie has a running commentary on the side of her blog with funny things her son says everyday. I really need to do that. Today, he got snow inside his shoes, and since his socks were wet, he said "I think I peed in my socks". Also today, he was talking to Jeff on the phone, and Jeff didn't understand something he said, so he said "No. Listen to me Daddy." And he said the sentence again. It makes me sad that he's growing up so fast... :) He changes so much everyday and I just laugh at the sentences he comes up with sometimes. I'll have to be better at writing them down. I wish I could record every day on video. I just got a picture of this the other day- Whenever I ask him to put his shoes by the door, he always puts them perfectly in the same way every time:

Anyway... Thought I'd share a few things of the last couple weeks. We've had a really great December... with much more to come this next week of course!


Jeff Corry said...

Our life is amazing. I love you. I can't wait for Christmas...;)

Nathan Corry said...

Dallin says some very funny things!It was great to see you guy's over Christmas.