Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is a pretty random post, but I had to share... :) Jeff and I got home from St. George this weekend, and were trying to unpack and hurry and get ready for church. Dallin in the mean time had somehow found a dollar bill. He came running into our room and said
"Mama! Daddy! That's Geowge Washington!!"
I have no idea where he learned this! Smarty Pants... it sure was cute!
Our kid... The Future History Professor! :)

P.S. Jeff gave me an early Christmas present last night. He was really sweet. I've been sort of down lately... Just normal pregnancy blues I think. So he made me a little video... Check out his blog to see it... Thanks my Honey... :)


Jennifer said...

Your hubby is too sweet! What a nice thing to do.

Ann H said...

Hi Jen, I went to Jeff's blog and watched the video he made about you. Now that's what I call a great Christmas present! And what he said was just as nice. Awww.....
love, A

Jessie said...

What a great video! So sweet! And yes, you've got a smarty-pants on your hands. Too cute! :D