Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Reunion

Someday... I WILL be caught up...
And I will post CURRENT photos...
But for now...
Still catching up...

Back in July was the annual Corry Reunion.
I can't tell you how proud I am to be married into such a wonderful family!
I love them all so much!

We had a great time as usual up at the Corry Land.
I didn't take my usual 25,000 pictures... But I did take some... :)
We were in charge of dinner on Thursday night,
So we were all Matchy Matchy

(Monica's mom came from Canada! We loved having her with us!)

We decided to camp overnight for the SECOND time ever with kids (The first was when Dallin was a few months old and did NOT go well... and we tried other times but didn't make it through the night...).
So we went all out and got a new tent!
And it ROCKED!
We had three rooms- one for the kids, one for us, and a middle one for our food, a table, toys, etc. It was paradise! :)

We had some of the usual activities:
Horseshoe competition!

With the best commentator in history:

And the cool fan club:

And Testimony meeting was wonderful! I love hearing the heart and soul of the Corry family!
(I didn't get any pictures except for one of the logs that Steve carved that we use to sit on... That will have to do...)

We also had the annual work project. Everyone in the whole family gets together for two hours and all take on a job around the property. The kids color quilt blocks and bring water to the hard workers. Wood is cut. Weeds are sprayed. Fences are fixed. Family history is shared. And something is always being built. They always come up with something great to put on the property to make it more fun.
A couple years ago, it was the Picnic Tables/Stage:
(That we use for the Talent show:)

Last year it was the Swing Set:

And this year, it was two huge Teeter-Totters:


A fun thing about the work project too, is that you always get paid, by the hour, as much money as you are old (up to 25). So Dallin was paid a total of $8.00 with his first check ever!
He was really cute when we took it to the bank to get it cashed:

We had a WONDERFUL time at the reunion!
Can't wait until next year!


Jake said...

Thanks for the pictures. We can't wait for next year either.

Jennifer said...

I love your family and don't even know them. What a great reunion! I wish my family would do fun things like that.

ME said...

Fun pics! What a great time! I love the work project idea. I also love the new tent...hopefully you will get to use it a lot more in the years to come. Dallin is such a cutie. I LOVE the look on his face w/ his check...haha! I think the pic of him and Allison together is just adorable. So cute!

Judy said...

looks like a good time. wish we could have been there. Hopefully in a couple years.

Laura Eve said...

I LOVE that first picture of Dallin and Allison! So CUTE.