Monday, May 11, 2009


When I was 15, I received my Patriarchal Blessing. And in it, I was told to be a member of the PTA... My kids obviously are not in school yet, so I have become President of a different PTA...
Party. Throwers. Anonymous.
I had serious issues last weekend. :)

Friday, I didn't fully THROW a party, but I helped with one for my friend Summer Brady, my friend Autumn's sister. She stared going into Labor at 24 weeks, and was put on total, very strict bed rest... and has thankfully made it all the way to 37 weeks and still counting!

Her mom and sister threw her an awesome baby shower with a "Sleeping Beauty" theme! It was so cute. Autumn's girls dressed up as the three fairies in outfits that their grandma made.
(This picture of them is a little blurrier than the others, but I love that all of their personalities were shown in this one!)

Awesome goodies by Autumn's mom!

And I had to include this cute one of Sadie bug for Autumn. She was going to town on this Ice-cube.

Saturday, I was in charge of our Ward Luau! I was really nervous on how it was all going to turn out, but I thought it ended up being really fun! Bridgette (My lifeline on this one) and I spent all Saturday morning setting up the cultural hall! We also had a little group called "Tu'Tu' and her Keikis" (Grandma and her Children) come perform for us! They did such a great job! For one number, they had the bishopric and the missionaries come up and learn a hula. They really got their groove on! :) After the dance, the cute girls put a lei around everyone and gave them a little kiss on the cheek. One of the Elders, Elder Tolentino, practially jumped off of the stage to avoid her! It was so funny! But good job at being a good Elder! :) I thought it turned out great!!
Pictures of some of the decor:


Great moves Guys!:

On Monday, we threw a "Cuatro De Mayo" Party. Since Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to have a Shin-Dig. But a lot of our friends are involved with Young Mens and Young Women's on Tuesday nights... So we decided to throw a CUATRO de Mayo party on Monday, the 4th of May. :) haha...
We had a great party... complete with Mariachi Music, a Pinata, Mexico Trivia, and Yummy Food! Thanks everyone for coming over! We had a great time! It was fun to be with everyone!

The kids had a blast with the pinata... I think I had a few mommies mad at the woman who provided all the sugar... :)

And thank you Jeff for all the work. It's usually me who throws the party, and Jeff who does all the labor of setting up. :) Thanks Honey. Love you...


Jennifer said...

Love the theme parties! (And that's so true about the hubby getting roped into things, isn't it?)

The Atkinson Family Blog said...

You are one busy women!! Way to go on everything!! You always do a great job! You are so creative!