Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

I love Memorial Day. It always reminds me of my great-grandpa of course. I wrote a post about him last year with a poem called "As we stand here". I really liked the poem and thought that the meaning of Memorial day really shined through. Memorial day isn't about a day off of work, or time to go to the Lake... It's about remembering those before us... those who served this country and their families. I hope everyone took some time to visit a cemetery and honor those gone before. :)

My family gets together every year in Salina, UT on the Saturday before Memorial Day. My great-grandma grew up in the neighboring Aurora, and that's where all of her relatives are buried. Her sister- My great great Aunt Norma, still lives in Salina so we always meet at her house. I LOVE her home and her amazing back yard. That's the kind of back yard I want some day! :)

Jeff and I decided to venture over there this year, and surprisingly, the drive was great! We have great travelers! But I guess they have to be with the way we go... :) It was great to see family and have a fun time. The turnout was low this year because of the rain (we were the only ones with little kids! Crazy!) But it was still a lot of fun to see everyone!

This is my great-grandma Ilean, and then her sister Norma. They look a lot alike. They are so cute together :)

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We went to Church and had the Home Teachers over. Allison looked really cute... (Although her dress was kind of up in this picture :)

Don't you love the socks? THANKS JESS!! :)

And Monday, Memorial Day was a great day too. Jeff, Dallin and I had a really yummy breakfast, and then we worked on a few things around the house. Jeff planted some of our garden... Hopefully we're around enough this summer to actually keep it going. :) We also took a walk up to the Orderville Cemetery and looked at some graves of those we knew or of family of those we know. Dallin didn't really understand what the graves are yet, and he took a car from a little boy's grave without us knowing. We had to search to try to find where it belonged! Some day he'll understand. :)

Look how big my baby girl is getting! We put her in the boppy on Monday and she's finally starting to really like it!

And Dallin wanted her to be fashionable...
Then Jeff's Parents and sister Laura came up again that evening and I made dinner. We had a good chat, and my father in law cleaned my whole kitchen! Including scrubbing my floor! :) It was awesome!

I hope to make it to my grandpa's grave while I'm in St. George this weekend. I'm grateful for him and MANY others who served their country and made their families proud. :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Jeff took this picture :)


kgthayer said...

i love your children. they are soo cute :)

Jeff Corry said...

I sure enjoyed our trip to Salina! I loved going and chatting with you in the car. You have a great family! (Myself included...right?!)

Sean & Lacey said...

Your kids are getting so big! I'm bummed I didn't get to see you when you came to town, but I totally understand! I hope you are doing good!

The Holdaways said...

Hey Jenna, sorry it took so long to get back to you! Brandon and I can't make it on that Saturday, but that's so awesome that you are honoring kevin, I'm sure he'd be thrilled to hear that. Let me know if you need any pictures or any info about him!