Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Berfday...

Well... I'm getting old... Last week I turned this many:
Although it's kind of weird because I feel much older already! All of my friends here in Orderville are older than me, and have kids... And I already have 2 kids... I don't know. I just
already feel older than I am. Which is just fine with me. :)
My birthday weekend was great! On Saturday, Jeff's mom, dad, sister Laura, and our nephew James came into Orderville and took me out to Lunch! It was Yummy! (Well- mine was- everyone else's was sort of burned... haha). The boys (Dallin and James) were kind of crazy, but it was fun non-the-less. After lunch we came back and had cake and ice-cream, and they sang Happy Birthday to me. I was glad they were able to come up... It's always fun to have company! :)
Jeff and I stayed up that night watching a "Far and Away" until 12:20 (my time of birth) and then he gave me a beautiful book that I have wanted called Reflections of Christ, by Mark Mabry. All of the pictures of photos captured to recreate the Life of Christ. I loved it!
There's so many pictures in there that I just love!
This one is of Christ and John the baptist after Christ was baptized. I love how they just look so happy...

And this one is my favorite... It's so peaceful to me...

Then on Sunday the 17th (my birthday), it was Stake Conference. I was able to sing with the choir for a few songs, so that was fun. Trying to wrestle with Dallin for the whole 2 hours on the other hand was not so much... :)
We got home and my awesome friend Autumn made me, Jeff and Dallin a wonderful lunch at her house! I ate a LOT! :) Thanks Autumn and Bruce!
My other wonderful best friend Chantelle also came over to our house and brought a home-made birthday cake, and we made dinner. It's always fun to have all of their girls around! :)

We had to cancel a picnic I had planned with my mom and family on Monday, but I'm going in to St. George this weekend for a "Belated Birthday Brunch" with my family. So that will be fun. :) I also got a lot of phone calls on my birthday and fun cards in the mail. :) So Thanks Everyone! :) I really have amazing friends and family!! :) Thanks for making my birthday so great!

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