Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

I thought I'd share the gifts that I made for all of the mom's and grandma's in our family. I had a lot of fun doing it, and it was super easy! Which was good because I made 7 different bunches of them!

I went with the same idea that a lot of people have done for magnets with the Clear pebble (The 1.5 inch ones), a magnet, and the scrapbook paper... but I used pictures in mine instead.

I cropped each picture to a 1.5 x 1.5 inch square on photoshop, then printed them all out to cut around the pebbles. This way I was able to the picture exactly how I wanted in sitting in the pebble, instead of too big or too small.

Then you paint a small amount of modge podge to the back of the pebble and place your picture on. Be careful not to get to much or too little. To much, your picture will slide and smudge... To little and you'll have air bubbles on your picture (Like the ones on Dallin's on the picture above). You will be able to feel it out. After they completely dry (Wait an hour or longer), hot glue a magnet on the back.

Sorry, I wasn't very good at taking step by step pictures, but you get the idea. :)
Super Easy, and my grandma's and mom's all loved them!


Judy said...

You are so creative. I loved the idea so much that I went out and bought all the stuff. Hopefully mine will turn out cute like yours did.

Jennifer said...

No kidding--I think about this project every year right after mother's day. One year I'll actually do it! Yours turned out really cute!

Angie and Kyle said...

That is such a darling idea! I am sure the mom's in your life just loved them!

Lindsey said...

fun idea!
I just may steal that one day. :D

Photo Magnets said...

Wao Jenna,
These are such wonderful tips to prepare these magnetic gifts. You made it look so simple to prepare these custom photo magnets. Really amazing, Keep it up !

Anna Crowe said...

Great idea, Jenna. I'll use that sometime! BTW, I've started a blog too... :)

Sean & Lacey said...

Wow you are so talented, what a cute idea, I bet everyone loved them!