Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Boys...

On the way over to Cedar City for Mother's Day, Jeff decided to stop by Duck Creek and finally put his fishing license and fishing pole he got for Christmas to good use. :) My dad got Dallin a little fishing pole for Christmas too, so they both were able to have fun. No fish were caught, but Dallin Loved spending time with Jeff! He was so cute. He was his little shadow and was jabbering away about the fish. We decided we're going to have to do this a LOT more often since he thrives on this kind of stuff. I was watching him fishing and realized that he's growing up so fast! We need to take advantage of these moments as much as possible! :)

We might need to work on technic a little bit though:

And Allison and I hung out in the car and did a lot of this:

Also, Dallin loves Link from the game Zelda. He plays it sometimes with Jeff and on his own. He knows it all the Music and loves to pretend he's Link. Jeff has a little metal sword and shield that look like the ones Link has- they are collectibles. Dallin loves them and is so intrigued by them! But since they are metal... and collectible... Jeff and I really don't like him playing with them! :) So this weekend, we decided to make Dallin some of his own. Jeff printed out the Link shield and sword pictures and glued them to some really think poster board. Then used some cardboard for the handle on the shield. Dallin LOVED them and he hasn't really put them down since! He's been in Heaven! :)

This is my crazy son doing a "Link Pose" and dancing to the Legend of Zelda Music- haha
Can you tell he's a little excited? :)


becky graf said...

Absolutely adorable! What a hero!

L. Webb said...

Awesome! I love Link too! Dallin is such a great kid, I love him! PS- Allison looks adorable too!