Friday, April 18, 2008

Woody and Jesse

I love that I live in a place where my best friend has goats... and chickens, and a bunny, and a dog and cat for that matter. But the goats are definitely the coolest. Last time we went to see the baby goats, we had the traumatic experience where Dallin passed out... remember? So I never actually got to see the babies. Finally last week, I was able to see them. They are so cute! Dallin had such a fun time with them. Who needs a petting zoo when you have friends?

And- As a side note... Chantelle (the owner of the zoo) just had her 4th baby (and 4th girl!!) yesterday. She's amazing. She's had all four natural, and this one was 9 lbs 5oz. Yay for her!! Congrats Chantelle and Brent on baby Ellie!

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Josh and Amber said...

I have to say congrats to your friend for having all her kids natural and one at 9lbs thats amazing. I had to have mine natural, but it wasn't by choice (my blood count was too low and kept dropping so it was to dangerous to have an epidural) but I was lucky my baby girl was only 5lb 12oz.