Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Exchange

Calling all mommies, (or soon to be ones).
I just got involved with a book exchange. It's a lot of fun... It works out to where you send out one book, and end up getting around 36 back for your child in return. It's great- and it fun for the kids to get mail of their own and open their own "surprise". I want any of you who want to, to be involved- but I just don't have any physical addresses. If you're comfortable leaving them on here- you can... Or just email me your physical addresses and I'll get you the paper right away!
It will be a lot of fun- for us and our kiddos!


rach said...

Hi Jenna- I use photoshop elements. It is awesome. It's take a little getting used to though. You can get the program at Costco. I absolutely love it. I've taken a few classes on it, and i'd bet there is someone where you live that teaches classes too, they are all over.

Josh and Amber said...

I'm glad you guys got a kick out of my husbands "Story Time." He's a funny guy. He keeps me entertained. And I use scrapblog.com you create an account and make your own scrap pages. It's a lot of fun, you can start with themes already made or start with a blank page. It can be strange at first on how you have to save it to get it posted on your blog. But it's free and if you check it out and use it and need to know how to save it to get it on your page, just let me know!
On a side note, that book thing does sound pretty cool, paige loves books and i'm sure will continue to as she gets older, so go ahead and send me that thingy.