Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was tagged twice for this same thing- So I guess I better do it!

A- Attached or Single?- Very much attached to my honey- Jeff!

B- Best Friend? - Jeff is my very best friend. I love being able to talk to him! We talk about everything. And I have a lot of other kinds of best friends. My Sister Kellie! Married with kids- Marci, Chantelle, Autumn. From High School- Morgan, Mallory, Becky, Scott.

C- Cake or Pie?- For the most part, Cake. I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting like my great-grandma makes.

D-Day of choice?- I like Saturday a lot- just because we're usually doing something fun, or in St. George or Cedar. But I also really like Fridays because Jeff's home by 1:30, and Mondays because there's always a lot going on.

E- Essential item?- Wet wipes, Lipstick, and Camera (Which Dallin found by the way!)

F- Favorite color?- Pink, Purple, Sage green, and Cerulean Blue from the Crayon Box.

G- Gummy bears or worms? Gummy worms- the sour neon kind!

H-Hometown?- Santa Clara, Ut. I was born in California, but definately consider Santa Clara my home!

I- Indulgence(s)?- Rolos, going out somewhere to eat, sleeping in (luckily Dallin sleeps until 9 or 10!), and shopping for clothes!!

J- January or July? - July! The 4th is my favorite holiday, and I love walking in bare feet in the grass, eating Popsicles, playing in the water, and flip flops.

K-Kids?- 1 cutie so far- Dallin Joseph Corry- who's 2.

L- Life is incomplete without?- Jeff, Dallin, the Gospel, Friends, and Laughter.

M- Marriage date?- June 24th, 2005

N- Number of siblings?-2 siblings; Kellie (And Garrett) Thayer, 18- and Scott, 16.

O- Oranges or apples?- Oranges. I love the smell and the juice!! Mmm...

P- Phobias or fears?- looking at mirrors in the dark (Thanks to a horror story from a girl in second grade... You think I'd be over it by now... but no...), sleeping on somebody else's pillow, and losing a loved one.

Q- Quotes?- "I have two choices. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be sad. I choose to be happy." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley, and many others from Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. :)

R- Reasons to smile?- Dallin, Jeff, and Spring... :)

S-Season? - I love late summer, early Fall- Still warm, BBQ'S, Still can go to the Lake, Football, Musicals, Beautiful leaves, just wonderful.

T-Tag 5 people?- Lindsey, Tiffany, Ashlee, Angie, and Brittney Atkinson

U- Unknown fact?- I was Mrs. Southern Utah this last year? And when I'm trying to fall asleep, I picture how I'm going to decorate each room if I ever build a house...

V- Very Favorite store?- Target! and I love thrift stores! I know- I'm weird...

W- Worst Habit?- I bite my nails, and I'm addicted to the internet! :)

X- X-ray or ultrasound?- I love ultrasounds! Except wiping off all the goo afterwards. But they are cool to have- especially when there's a little one in there.

Y-Your favorite food?- Bread sticks dipped in Alfredo at Pasta Factory, Pizza, and Jimmy Johns-#4, no tomato, extra mayo, and 1/2 mustard packet...

Z- Zodiac?- Taurus
And- Speaking of ABC's- I saw this way cute idea to do for Dallin to read in Sacrament. I've seen things kind of like this before, but this one looks really cute. And easy to do with downloadable scrapbook kits. I saw the idea on the "Posh but Poor" link I have in my Fun Ideas section. I'm excited to start it, now that I have more time on my hands since Drama is over.


Shawn, Hayley & Jack said...

Hey thanks so much for your comment. It made me feel so good that you thought so highly of me. But I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. You are a darling, wonderful, spiritual girl and I always thought very highly of you. It looks like you have a great life, I'm happy for you, your family is darling. Keep stalking my blog and I'll do the same.

Angie and Kyle said...

Jenna! I just had to smile when you said you think about how you will decorate your future house someday - When I am trying to fall asleep I think of cute possible names that I could name our future kids. I'm glad I'm not the only one that doens't count sheep! :)

Valeri Crockett said...

This is a cute tag! Gateway Discovery is in the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake. They have a website you could google. It was really neat! The only downfall is that it is $8.50 a person. (they shouldn't charge the adults) We also went during Spring break for everyone in the schools. That made it way too crowded!!! I'm sad I never got to meet you. I think I left Hope choir the semester before you were in. Jeff is such a good guy and I'm glad he found such a great match! Thanks for commenting on our blog. I love when people comment!