Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We miss you!

My Sister and Brother in law (Jared and Judy) made a huge move a few weeks ago- All the way to New York! It's really weird to not have them and their cute kids around. Their son, James, and Dallin are super cute little cousin buddies, so it's been kind of an adjustment for him. We miss them tons already!

The first week in May, Jared graduated from SUU! He did a Great job! He got a special award from the outdoor rec. department for being amazing... :) We took a bunch of pictures of our familes out on the Quad. Trying to keep all the little kids from running after the Frisbees and footballs being thrown around was quite a task!

Jared and his parents:

Cute girl cousins:

Every year, Jared's parents through a huge themed party (My kind of people!) :), and this year they decided to throw a big Luau- as a family/graduation/going away party for Jared and Judy. It was so much fun! Tammy (Jared's mom) did an awesome job with decorations and food! They had a DJ there too.

Here's a bunch of fun pictures from the night...
Too bad I didn't get more of Allison Dancing- She was GOING TO TOWN! haha! I love watching her shake her cute bum... :)

Dallin and James doing the Limbo:

Our good friends- Jason and Jami and their kiddos:

We had a great time the whole weekend!
And we really miss you Jared and Judy!
We're excited for you to get your camera up and rolling so the boys can talk! :)
Love ya!

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Judy said...

We miss you guys too! James is always talking about Dallin, today he even asked what Dallin's full name was. We'll hopefully be getting on the web cam soon!