Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scotty Wotty...

My brother is all grown up! He's always been my cute little baby brother, and now he's off to college, and soon- a mission! Totally weird...I love him to death! He's such an awesome kid! He has had tons of Scholarship offers to tons of colleges, Won Senator at Boys State and traveled to Boys Nation, Won Southwest Sterling Scholar in Science, Exec Council, rocked cross country and his fohawk, German Club pres, Made the lead roll in the first play he ever auditioned for, busted out this great voice that nobody knew he had... He's just a great kid! He's hysterical! Love him bunches!

My mom threw a big party for him with everyone in our family. There was great food! :) I made some little pictures to put in all of the sandwiches, and my Aunt Kate made these super cute cupcakes (although she thought our colors were red and gold- haha).

Kellie made this awesome video that she's been working on forever! It had a ton of clips from all of the talent shows and plays he sang and danced in, prom theme song he sung, and fun times with his friends. Also a ton of pictures! It was really fun to see his whole year kind of collaborated into a few minutes. I also made him this album with a poem talking about all the stuff he did over Senior year.

Look at how decorated this kid is! :)

With my parents:

Awesome Hefley genes we got there...

I love you bro and am so proud of you!
The whole family is!

So... P.S.... This picture was taken after Scott's musical in April... I totally think we all look so alike in this picture! Look at our chins! Crazy! :) Love both of you guys!!!

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kgthayer said...

nah.. we dont look alike at all.. im adopted remember?? ;) actually that is one picture i finally look like you two.. woot! go scotty pippin!