Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Maayyy 17..."
I had a boyfriend in high school who wrote me a song for my birthday.
I don't think I'll ever be able to say my birth date without having this song come into my head. :)

I had a wonderful birthday. I have so many people who are so good to me!
~My friend Autumn threw me a surprise party the Saturday before and invited a bunch of friends over for a steak dinner~
~My mom and Darrell came out on Sunday and brought ALL of my favorites for dinner and dessert. I love that she knew what all my favorites were without even asking. I love my mom :)~
~Monday, my real birthday, Dallin made me breakfast. He was so cute with the waffles~
~Jeff picked up my favorite pizza and dessert pizza from Kanab that evening, and we had a really fun little family dinner- He always knows the way to my heart...~

(I think we blew out that candle about 17 times between all of us) :)

~My friend Ann also took me out to lunch a few weeks later for our birthdays!~
I had lots of phone calls, wonderful cards, facebook shout outs, gifts, and neighborly love all day (and after)! :)

I never thought I'd be where I am now when I was back in high school.
Never thought that at the age of 24,
I'd be a mom of two super cute kids,
have a wonderful husband,
Own a home...
I'm so glad things don't always go as planned.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday everyone! :)

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