Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a little HOPE...

So, for those of you who don't know mine and Jeff's past dating history...
We met while we were both in a Show Choir at the SUU Institute of Religion.
It was called HOPE (Hear Our Praise Extend). It's was a fun show choir that puts on a big singing/dancing show that we would perform, and also sing spiritual numbers as well.
It was my first year, and Jeff's 5th! He was the president of the choir the year before, and wasn't going to do it another year, but I'm so glad he did! We wouldn't have met! :)
The Choir Director- Brother Mac (Ralph McAffee), had me try out, and put Jeff and I together to make part of the Choreography for our show. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing together. We have some awesome memories of those times. Kind of Cheesy? Yes... But definitely fun! :)

Well, Brother Mac finally announced his retirement, after many great years at the institute! HOPE Choir was around for 13 great years, and touched lots of people. For his retirement, lots of the past Presidents got together and rounded up as many HOPE Alumni as they could to come tho his final show. We put together a great book where most of us wrote memories, and came up to sing some of the past HOPE songs. It was a great night, and I think Brother Mac really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone for putting the surprises together! We love you Brother Mac! :)

Jeff had a great time talking to 5 years worth of old buddies! :)

I thought I'd share some of the video I took from the last group to be with Brother Mac. Here's from that final show:


The Jackson's said...

I bet it took Jeff ALL NIGHT to talk to everyone. I didn't even know Bro. Mac retired. Thanks for sharing!!!

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