Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Easter this year was really relaxed and fun. It was fun to have it on Conference weekend, and be able to share the big weekend with lots of family. We went to Cedar On Saturday and St. George on Sunday. I wasn't going to do any big kind of Easter Baskets since we were traveling, but then, last minute on Saturday night- after the Priesthood session, Jeff and I took a quick trip to Walmart... (Gotta love Walmart!) :)... We still didn't do any thing big- New Sunday clothes and a book and treat... and the kids couldn't have been happier! I was really glad I didn't go overboard this year. I think I will definitely be keeping it simple like this every year...
Allison and her cousin Heidi in their Easter Dresses:

After having a yummy breakfast and watching the first session of conference at Jeff's Parent's house, we drove over to St. George and went to my grandma's house. We had a wonderful time over there as well- and again- relaxed and fun. We watched more Conference, had the little kids find Eggs, and talked and had a great time.
Walking into their Great-Great-Grandma Ilean's house...
So cute... :)

Allison and Connor in their cute matching Plaidness:

Oh- & My Grandma Apple Valley definitely got a visit from the Easter Bunny!
She showed up in this:

I wish I was on that Easter Bunny's list. :)

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