Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Do I really have a son old enough to go on a field trip??
Apparently I do!
For the end of the year party for Dallin's preschool class in May, a few of the moms went with the kids to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
They had a great presentation set up for the kids, and they loved it!
For anyone that lives close by, I'd definitely recommend taking the tour with any of your animal lover kids!
We went over to the Kitty Houses first. Each room had a certain color assigned to it with tons of kitties everywhere

We also went to the Dog house, where Dallin was excited to know that they have "Puppy Preschool". :) We found a cool place to have snack, and they brought out a great bird who was very fond of talking and dancing. Dallin got to hold the bird on his arm too! He thought he was pretty cool! :)

We went and looked at some more animals and had lunch in a beautiful canyon park in the middle of the sanctuary. A lady there did a great presentation with a book about the right way to treat animals and the proper way to approach a stranger dog. The kids really loved it!

I know that this is the start of MANY field trips to come! I loved being able to go and spend that time with him and his friends! I sure have a cute little guy! :)

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