Monday, September 21, 2009


My wonderful friend Morgan got married at the beginning of this month. Morgan and I have had quite a friendship between us since 8th grade or so. She moved into our ward in 6th, and we hung out a little because of Young Womens, but starting really in 9th grade we got to be REALLY good friends.

We spent MANY a nights staying up until 5 or 6 in the morning on MSN, gushing about our crushes and eating random snacks all night (Remember that one night we decided to make like 50 chicken nuggets at 4 in the morning or something??) We went to EFY together and finally conviced Burke and Jake that Pads were NOT made out of the same stuff as diapers by cutting one open. We also made t-shirts together that had special "code names" for our crushes on them (Root Beer and Jelly Beans- hahaha...) and wore them to a party. Morgan helped me get my head on straight when I was trying to decide what kind of person I wanted to be as a sophomore (Thanks again for that email Morgan... I still have it. :) There were countless times of nights out on the tramp, eating bologna sandwiches and chocolate milk, going to dances, talking all night, driving around in her sweet van (one time we thought we'd see how far we could go around Santa Clara without pushing the gas... we didn't know that a car can go forever on idle...haha). We also roomed together in College (I wouldn't have survived without you Morg!!), went on a spur of the moment trip up north after winning Hot Country Night tickets (we had no where to stay... we went on faith :), and she was my right hand man when I started dating Jeff too... (Thanks for all the support!) :) We've had many many other adventures in our day. :) Our friendship was also a little rocky a few times in between all the fun for a little while... thanks to retarted female hormones. But I'm so glad we finally got them under control, and conquered! :) You're a great friend Morgan and I'm so happy for you!

The Beautiful Couple! They were both just beaming!:

Waiting oustide the Temple for them to come out:

Aww... Friendies...

The best family shot we got :)

And the amazing photographers! To see their site, click here!

Her open house in St. George was at the Electric Theater!
It totally rocked with a movie theme!

Me and my handsome hubby,
And part of the highschool crew
(Everyone at this table went to SCHS! Woot!):
Her Cake (Yes! Her cake!) and some of the tables.
They were all themed around a movie and had Morgan and Bryce acting out a scene from that movie.

To quote another guest, "No mints and nutcups at this wedding!"
We had pizza, popcorn, fountain drinks, and movie theater Candy!

It definitely was an awesome party! :)

Morgan- everything was wonderful both weekends, and you looked absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to you and Bryce!! :)

Oh... And a P.S. We also had Morgan's Bridal shower in August. I didn't take that many pictures, but she was so blessed to get a lot of nice stuff! Here's a bunch of the girls:

And, This is another best friend from childhood (for the last 16 years!), Mallory, (with her cute bunnette in the oven). We did the food for the shower (Whew!). :) I wouldn't be who I am without her and her family! Love ya Mal! :) I'm so jealous you look this cute preggo! :) I'm so grateful for such awesome friends (and now their husbands!!) :)


katie said...

What a fun idea for a wedding! I also have a best friend that I have had for a long time. I love knowing that I always have her:) fun post!

Mary said...

How fun, Jenna! Seeing things like this makes me wish I was close by again (not that I don't anyway!). Tell everyone hello for me!

Mallory Jo Searle said...

Aw, thanks Henna...your words made me smile and cry a little :) Love!