Friday, September 25, 2009

Just wanted to tell my Grandpa Hefley

This is from Dallin and Allison... (the end got cut off because Allison fell over- haha... He did a big Cheezy Grin at the end)

We love you grandpa and really appreciate everything you and grandma do for us! You are such wonderful grandparents, and are always so supportive of everythign we do! You never miss any birthday, anniversary, or holiday without sending a card and we LOVE that! :) It really means a lot. Wish I could be there to bake you a cake! :) We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! :)


***By the way, my Grandpa is one of the greatest Santa's ever!***

Doesn't he look amazing? :) He starts growing out his beard a few months into the year, and he is so genuine and sweet! If you live in the Orange County Area, check out his website: He does all sorts of parties and events; from ward parties, business parties, and private home events.


Marci said...

I want your grandpa to come see kaylin...i wish he lived here 8(
he looks so amazing i remember his pictures you posted i think last year!!!!

Jessie said...

So sweet! Your kids are just adorable! Man, I wish I had a Santa Claus grandpa. He looks so perfect and jolly!