Thursday, September 24, 2009

Labor Day Equals Play Day....

Does anyone know why we have Labor day??

I'll have to Wiki that later...

Anyway... We had a great Labor Day weekend at the beginning of this month! It of course started out with Morgan's wedding (post below), and we made our way back down the state. :) Originally, when we planned to go up north, we really wanted to take the kids to the Zoo... But when we figured out that that wasn't going to work... what's the next best thing?
Cabelas! :)
Ok... So the animals are all dead... But Dallin didn't care. :)
He loved the huge walk through fish tank inside! He couldn't get enough!

Allison liked it too... Although this picture would suggest otherwise... haha. I love the
"Another picture Mom? Really?" look I'm getting. :)

Dallin really wanted to feed the fish, but we didn't have any change on us... So we went on a search for food that other's had dropped, and Dallin was perfectly happy to through in about 8 or 9 little pellets... I love three year olds.

If you haven't been to Cabelas before, there's a really good restaurant upstairs. It has some more crazy entree's (like elk, bison, buffalo, etc), but Jeff and I both went for the Sandwiches. The bread was SOOO yummy! :) We asked if they had it for sale, and this awesome kid, Clint, went and got a HUGE loaf all packaged up for us and talked the manager into a really low price (They usually don't sell it). He was so great!

It made YUMMY sandwiches all week:

We then worked our way down the I15 down to Cedar City. The Blodgetts had had their baby #5, (first boy!) the day before and we wanted to take a peek. The Blodgetts are like our family over the mountain, so we felt like we were getting a new nephew! :) He was 8lbs, 2 oz (second smallest for them!) and so adorable! :) My friend Ann, took some pictures of him yesterday and they turned out really cute!

On that Saturday, we took a fishing trip with Jeff's family (Jeff finally got to use the fishing license I got him for Christmas all day). :) We all had a really fun time! Didn't have much luck catching many fish... but we all had a great day!
We thought we were all smart carrying all of our stuff in the stroller on the way in... but it proved to be not very fun as we went over every root, bump and mud puddle left in the path from the rain storm the day before. Oh well... Jeff made use of those hott guns. :)

Here's just a few snapshots of the day:

Monday we went over to the Iron County Fair. I love looking at the exhibits! Check out this art...
From far away:

And close up:

Is that so cool!? The entire picture was made of little symbols! Amazing!!

I also liked this quilt a lot. I love looking at the quilts. My Grandma Gumball got me hooked. :)
It would be fun to do this with colors that matched my room.

And the "Freakiest Exhibit Award" goes to....


After the fair, the Corry Fam all met up at "CorryLand", (Their property up on Cedar Mountain) and at a great dutch oven dinner!
Hanging out in the great outdoors:

The Cook:

One of the cutest pictures ever... :)

Again... I have no idea why we have labor day, but I'm so glad we do...
So I can have time to make memories like these. :)


Judy said...

Kids are great that way to go find things on the ground for you. I'm glad Dallin got to feed the fish. :) I've been in Cabella's once before, but didn't really look around. I'll have to try it again sometime.

Jamie said...

Loads of fun! The pictures were all super cute!

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