Friday, September 18, 2009

Kane County Fair...

I Love...
County Fairs!

I love the feeling of hometown pride.
I love looking at all of the different kinds of talent with the entries.
I love the hamburgers and hot dogs at every event.
I love walking around and seeing everyone in Cowboy Hats.
I love watching tiny kids speeding through barrels.
I love the parades, the pageants, the music, the fireworks,

the livestock, the popcorn, the games,
the smells of horses (yes... even that)...
I love seeing a community come together!

The Kane County fair was last month and it was so much fun. We went to many of the activities. I always try to make it to as many as I can.
I was in charge of the Kane County Fair Pageant this year, but we only had four girls that were interested. We didn't end up doing a full blown pageant in the evening like usual, but we had the girls have an interview, then had them perform their talent for the judges and a few family members and friends at a luncheon. It turned out really great! My sister came and judged and it was a lot of fun to have her here. Unfortunately, I was too busy running around and didn't take any pictures... oh well...

On Saturday was a horse show. My Royalty girls were there to help with awards, so I went along too. Dallin and Allison had fun out in the sun and sand. For part of the time, I left for a baptism, so Jaxon, (My Friend Ann's son) finally got to babysit Dallin (He's wanted to babysit kids for a while now). Dallin had fun and Jaxon was a great babysitter!

The whole next week was filled with fun.
Wednesday was the parade. Gotta love small town parades! This one actually last longer than ten minutes which was awesome!
To open the parade, Cheyanne Cox rode with the flag. A few weeks prior to this, she had been in a bad horse accident and barely escaped un-paralyzed. She broke the same vertebrae that Christopher Reeve did. I was amazed to see her back up on a horse, but no matter how hard you try to "keep the girl from the country, you can't keep the country out of the girl!" She's a true cowgirl through and through. It was good to see her back on the saddle.
Her brother, Clance Cox, wrode next to her with a riderless horse, representing the fine young man we lost in this community last month- Jeff Wood. It made me tear up to watch this start of the parade.

Our bishop and his wife, Judy wrode in the parade with their son's awesome truck. Their son is in Canada serving and LDS Mission. I loved the poster on the truck! :)

A few of Jeff's former students:

Friday night was Fireworks and a dance with a live band. Jeff and I had fun dancing together (With Allison and Dallin Sandwiched in) :). We did get one swing dance in just us though. This was also Allison's first time watching the fireworks (we were too busy both on the 4th and 24th to go watch). She didn't know quite what to think. At least she wasn't scared. :)

Saturday was Games and Facepainting. Dallin was super pumped as you can tell:

(JDA= Jeff,Dallin, & Allison)

Then we headed over to the Baby Contest. My Girlie did me proud- haha. Although she could care less... She just wanted to eat the paper. :)

We also walked around the exhibits. Dallin entered some cars that he painted and some cookies he made with our neighbor Judy (He did everything but put them in the oven!)

That night was the Jr. Rodeo! I love this! There's these little tiny kids (Like 4 years old!) that ride barrels, and the sweethearts race. I love seeing pure bred cowboys and cowgirls. :)

They always have a chicken chase. Last year they added bunnies, and this year puppies. If you catch it, you keep it! :) Dallin was pretty bummed he didn't catch anything, but a kid let him hold his chicken. :)

We had a great time at the fair!
Can't wait until next year! :)


Ragan said...

You know, I've never been to a county fair! We were going to go this year but missed it for some reason. We'll have to go next year.

Thanks for the vinyl lettering tip. I'll have to try it -- my mom has a Cricut so I'll have her cut their names out for me. I had thought about it but didn't think it would hold up in the dishwasher. I just need to find cute cups now.

Anonymous said...

Please please please have a Miss Kane County Fair pageant next year (2010) I would LOVE to participate in one! (im 22 though, is that too old to hold a title?)