Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kiddos in August...

I just wanted to do a quick post on my kiddos during the month of August. They are both changing so much, and it's hard to keep up! :) So just a few Pictures... (P.S. Can I even tell you how grateful I am for pictures? I wouldn't remember anything without them!) :)

My Cute Lil' Man:
In Kanab every year, they have a big whoop-de-do called Western Legends. Kanab was the home of many old time Western Films, and many famous actors and film crews came in and out of Kanab back in the day. So they have a big weekend to remember all of the great actors who have come and gone, and also to remember some of that old heritage. They always have a little corner set up with a bunch of "Old Time" machines and things. Dallin always loves it!
At the Water Well:

Making his own Rope:
(Which was actually quite interesting!)

Just a few odds and ends pictures. :) Dallin is such a hoot! He makes Jeff and I laugh all the time. He's such a smart kiddo and we love having him around. He's finally officially potty trained (WOOHOO!) and he's very proud of himself. :) I just had to let him decide HE was ready. He has his funny quirks and his funny way of saying things that I just love. A few weeks ago, Jeff and I heard him rambling off this series of numbers. He kept saying it over and over, and then I realized that it was my bank account number! I call the bank quite often to switch money over to savings and what-not and he must have just heard me enough times that it stuck! Haha... Hopefully nobody else around here will clue into what hes talking about. :) My funny guy is so much fun to have around everyday. I'm so glad he's ours...

Laura made him this "Mario Hat" out of a paper bowl. He would not let that off of his head for a few days after that! Definitely Daddy's boy with the whole Mario thing. :)

Playing with some of his best friends at the park:

Beautiful Girl:
Allison was 5 months in August. We finally started her on solid food and MAN! Was she in Heaven? She loves to have food and a sippy cup! I'm so glad too... Hopefully she will be a better eater than Dallin was/is! In August, she started to roll all over the house to get to what she wanted, and she also started to sit up on her own. She loves that she can be a little independent. :) At 5 months, she started to loveher tongue and almost every smile has that tongue with it. :) She's getting good at clicking it too. She also loves to use it to "spit" and will do it until you do it back. One of her favorite activities is to play the piano! When she was first born, I can't tell you how many people looked at her long fingers and told me that she was going to be a piano player! Well- they were right! She loves it and plays all the time already! :) She's so much fun and such happy baby, and like I said, is changing so much all the time! I already have so much more to add since she turned 6 months! :)

Dallin and Allison have so much fun together. Allison loves to grab Dallin's face (and ours too) and give us all kisses. And Dallin loves to talk to Allison and make her laugh. They love each other and I'm so glad they are already becoming really good friends. :)

I love my kiddos! I'm a very lucky Mama!

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