Monday, April 6, 2009


In this last week, my two babies hit milestones...

Dallin turned three!!
I can't believe I have a three year old. I know I'm going to be saying this every birthday with him... But I really can't believe it! He really is one of my best friends- since I talk to him all day every day. He makes Jeff and I laugh constantly with the funny things he comes up with. He's so sweet- always saying thank you, or no thank you... making sure I'm always ok... seeing to it that everyone has some of whatever we're having (he's a great sharer)... giving Allison constant kisses... giving the best hugs... He is such a character and has such a fun, crazy personality! He's our smart, wonderful, charming little boy- with stunning blue eyes... :)

For his birthday this year he really wanted a "Handy Manny" birthday party:
We tried... :)
By the time it was time for the party- I hadn't gotten hardly anything done that I had wanted to (I'm still getting used to balancing my time management with a 3 year old and a nursing baby), and the little toppers that I had ordered for the cupcakes hadn't come in the mail yet...
But of course Dallin didn't care. :) All of mommy's stressing was not needed. He had a fun time with his friends and our neighbors, and loved his Handy Manny play sets his mom scored off eBay. :)

All of the kids were able to take these home too:

He had a great birthday! (Or at least he keeps telling me so :)

The second Milestone:
Allison turned one month!!
She's doing so well! She's was up to 8 lbs last week (She's growing so much faster than Dallin did) and is a strong little thing! We sort of new that at the beginning though- When we took her back to the hospital after she was born for help with nursing, the nurse put her on her tummy on the hospital bed, and she started scooting across the table! She's been holding up her head completely on her own for a couple weeks now, and she loves to look all around. I love it when I have her facing out against my chest, and look down to find her looking up at me. One of her favorite things is her tounge. She has such a long one!! And today- she's starting to smile!! She's growing up so fast! We love our sweet girl!

(I decided to take her picture with this little bunny every month to see how she grows. :)


Nathan Corry said...

That's amazing. It's so fun for me to read your blog.

Ragan said...

Happy Birthday Dallin!!! Camden will be three on the 19th and I can't believe it either.

Burke and Teresa said...

What a fun birthday party you plnned! I love Dallin's amazing Blue eyes! Allison is already getting so big too...they are both just adorable:)

ChasandKylie said...

How fun! What a great little party. Allison is so gorgeous!

Marci ann said...

oh man i really wish kaylin could have been there for dallins birthday this whole poor thing is really starting to get old. it looks like he had a great day, and you do nothing but the best for partys! Allison is sooo big, she is so adorable!

The Atkinson Family Blog said...

Cute!! Great job with the party! It looks like it was a blast!! you are such a great mom!!

Jane said...

Yay for Dallin & Allison! You have beautiful kids. I'm freaking out because Collin turns 17 in two months. Yikes!

Mikelle and Ben said...

You're kids are so adorable! You're such a good mommy! I can't believe that Allison is already holding her head up! That's awesome!

Sean & Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, Dallin is so handsome! What a little man! And Allison is getting even cuter, who knew that could happen! You look great too, I hope things are going well!

Marci ann said...

thanx i love my glitter egg too! finally i made one that really showed my sparkling personality!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got a birth announcement from you... but I don't know how I know you.

E. Rahl - California

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