Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kellie BELLY... :)

Isn't my little sister the cutest? :)
She's due with a little boy on July 11th, and she really is one of the cutest preggo people I've ever seen! We had a baby shower her this weekend and it turned out great. Unfortunately, my camera died and I couldn't find my spare battery in my mess of a car- So Luckily she had some pictures on her facebook, and I had a FEW that I took before it died.
As you can see- it was a Dr. Seuss theme.
I've seen the idea before so I was able to save a lot of stuff from Seussical (the musical I did this year at the high school), since I knew I was doing Kellie's shower in this if she was having a boy! And sure enough- she was!

For the announcements- I made these up, and had everyone bring a book with their gift:

(I revamped a poem I found on somebody else's blog- Thank you!)

I don't have pictures of a lot of the details from the shower :(
but here's a few:
You can't tell- since all the food is almost gone in this picture :) but we had GREEN deviled eggs and HAM Sandwiches. (Green Eggs and Ham) and lots of cute BABY size desserts. It was a lot of fun, and I was glad Kellie got a LOT of cute things! Her boy is going to be such a stud! :)

Love you Kellie! Hope you had fun!


Josh and Amber said...

That looked like so much fun!! What a cute theme! Your such an awesome big sister! And your right your little sister is one of the cutest pregnant women I've ever seen!! So not fair! haha! But congrats to her, that'll be fun having your two kids so close!

Valeri Crockett said...

Wow, that is totally your sister! I love seeing sibling resemblances. That was a great idea for her shower and I loved the invitations. You always amaze me with your creativity Jenna!

kgthayer said...

ya i am pretty cute.. for a pregnant whale! ha jk. your amazing my sister and i had a blast. i wish i could have made yours more fun for you :( but i am soo grateful you and i are going to have kids close together and you are a wonderful mother that i look up too! just get ready to have me call you every 5 minutes asking you what to do with a newborn. scares me to death. luckily i have you and mom and kim. and grandma and grandma ilean and kate to call. we are so blessed to have so much family we are close too! love you and thank you again for my amazing shower :)

Chase and Nisha said...

I hope I will be half as good of mom as you appear to be!!!!