Monday, April 20, 2009

Allison's Blessing Day...

This Easter Sunday was not only special because we celebrated the resurrection of the Savior... But also because our precious Allison Elizabeth was blessed! It was such a beautiful day! She must have known she was getting blessed too because she was just so happy all morning. She hardly made a peep! She just wanted to look around and coo. :) She looked beautiful too! But of course I'm her mother so I always think she looks beautiful. :)
I loved her cute dress and I made her a special bracelet as well:

Jeff did a wonderful job giving her a blessing. I love listening to him give blessings. He is such a wonderful man! :) (I was worried about Allison crying during the blessing... but Jeff said she just filled her pants a little and she was fine after that. :) haha...) The blessing talked a lot about her serving other people, and being mindful of their needs. I thought that was such a great thing! I wrote the whole thing down word for word, so I hope she is able to go back when she is older and re-read about the council she was given.
We had lots of people that were able to come and be apart of the circle: Jeff, Jeff Sr. (Jeff's dad), Nate and Steve (Jeff's Brothers) Jared (Judy [Jeff's sister]'s hubby), Garrett (Kellie's Hubby), my Uncle Clint, my Papa Bill, and our two friends Brent and Bruce. There was also the Bishop (and our great friend and neighbor)- Shane, and Brad Adair. We are definitely blessed with lots of family that love us and that were able to come!

Allison's Great Great Grandma Ilean:

We definitely are proud parents! :)

We all love this sweet thing!


Errin said...

I cant believe how big she is already!!! She is beautiful!

Errin said...

Yay, my first little contestant!! :) Good luck babe!

Judy said...

Allison looked beautiful in her dress! We're glad we could come. Thanks again for the pants for James, of course the one time we need an extra pair of pants is when we aren't prepared.