Sunday, November 1, 2009


We've had our pumpkins from our Pumpkin Party for a few weeks now, so I was really excited to finally do something with them. My amazing friend, Ann, stopped by on Thursday, and after realizing that neither of us had planned dinner yet, she was sweet enough to invite our family over to eat and to also finally carve our pumpkins!
Dallin wasn't too into getting the "guts" out again... But after that was over he was super excited to make a Spider Pumpkin (just like Brynn).

Ann helped him carve out a really cute spider and he was totally stoked! :)

Ann's husband, Marty, is such a hoot. He got out his drill and was happy to help with any part of the pumpkin carving process... as long as it involved making a hole with his drill. :) He said, "If it were up to me, I'd just make a pumpkin with a bunch of holes all over it"... Total Guy... :)
I made Allison's with two seed teeth... secretly hoping that it would send secret teeth vibes to coax her two bottom teeth out. We've been waiting on them for a couple weeks now and I'm sure she's ready for them to finally poke through (I definitely am!!)...

Then, On Friday night, Dallin also got to carve pumpkins with my family. My mom carved a pumpkin with him and she said, "Dallin, Let's make a Grandma Pumpkin!" Dallin answered, "Yes! Let's get some Grandma Glasses". My mom wasn't too happy with that-haha. Dallin had a really fun time though. (I didn't end up getting a picure with the finished product though) :)

My mom is really good with him. My mom is the QUEEN of finding little things at the Dollar Store and entertaining Dallin for hours! She's so fun. That night, she got these funny socks for him that are a bunch of different animals with little tongues that stick out. Dallin loved them, and hasn't taken them off since...

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