Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Party

Every year, Our neighbors (and adopted grandparents), Barbara and Norman, have a "Pumpkin Party". Barbara goes all out and does different activities and menus every year. Last year, everything that was brought had to have pumpkin in it. This year she had a bunch of crafts for the kids, and a pumpkin Pinata. We also had a yummy dinner with the annual "Dinner in a Pumpkin", which is a yummy mixture of hamburger and veggies cooked inside of a pumpkin in the oven. It's SOOO Good!

All of the grandkids get to pick out a pumpkin from Grandma and Grandpa's Patch and take it home to carve. We got some cute pictures of our kiddos in all of the pumpkins. :) Allison sat there almost all night. She LOVED them! :)


Christy said...

So cute and fun! That is awesome your neighbors have a pumpkin patch.

Kristen said...

Such cute little kids. I love Allisons big smile. Oh, melt my heart. Looks like lots of fun. You guys live in such a cool town.

Ragan said...

How fun! We need adoptive grandparents ;)