Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Mr. Fat Fat..."

To explain the title... this is what my sister Kellie, and her husband Garrett call their chubmyster. I told her he's going to get a complex someday... but for now... he's good. :) They blessed their baby boy, Connor Jaxon Thayer last month. He's such a cutie pie with the most darling dimples! :) Here's just a few pics real quick. :)
In his cute blessing outfit. Dallin actually had the same kind of outfit, but it was HUGE on him! Connor's chub fit into it just right. :)

Cute family! Don't you think he's a good combo of mom and dad?:

Garrett's mom, Kim and my great Grandma Ilean. Kim always does such a WONDERFUL job at hosting! :) She makes everything beautiful!

Jeff and I... TRYING to get a good picture... hmmm:

Cute Cousins:

My family is so blessed to be able to be so close and have 5 generations:

And here's all of us :)
(I realized that I need to get a picture with Allison and the 5 generations though, because then it would be all of the first girls down the line. :)

It was a great day... Can you tell?:


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Ann H said...

He is SO CUTE! Those dimples are killin' me! Tell Kellie we need to take his pics again one of these days.