Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grandma Gumball...

We wanted to tell my Grandma Gumball

Happy Birthday!!!!

By the way. You probably guessed that Grandma Gumball isn't her "real" name. :) When I was little I had a lot of grandparents, and couldn't keep them all straight with just "Grandma and Grandpa". So I had a few grandparents that I just made up names for, and they kind of stuck. :) Grandma Gumball had a gumball machine that I loved, so that became her name! :)

My grandma is such a wonderful lady and is AMAZINGLY talented behind a sewing machine!! She does all sorts of wonderful quilts (Miniture, Wall Hanging, and Full size ones), and has won many awards. Right now she is giving of herself by making "Beads of Courage Bags". This is what their website says to describe their program:

"Upon enrollment each child is given the Beads of Courage bead color guide with a detachable membership card. Their Beads of Courage journey begins when each child is first given a length of string and beads that spell out their first name. Then, colorful beads, each representing a different treatment milestone are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment as determined by the Beads of Courage Bead Guide (available from Beads of Courage, Inc.)
There are specific Beads of Courage Program Bead guides for cancer, cardiac conditions, burn injuries, and serious illness. All Program bead guides were developed in collaboration with experts in the field (nurses, doctors, child life specialists and social workers) so that each bead guide would reflect meaningful acknowledgment of a child’s treatment journey."

My Grandma has sewn over 350 bags (Lots more by now I'm sure) for these children to keep their beads in! Isn't it a great program?? One girl has 20 feet of beads! That is a LOT of procedures! But it's a great way for them to try to keep positive about their struggles.

Grandma- We love you and so wish we lived closer so we could see you. You are so wonderful, and hopefully we'll get out to Texas sometime so you can meet your cute grandbabies in person! :) We love you!!! Happy Birthday!

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